Buttock Augmentation & Buttock Shaping With SAFELipo BBL

The popularity of the "Brazilian butt lift" (buttock augmentation) at our Shreveport, Louisiana, practice reflects an increasing preference in our culture for curvier backsides. In addition to those patients who come to us knowing they want larger, fuller, or wider buttocks, we see far more patients who come in for other body procedures and never realized that a large part of their desired look includes a reshaping of the buttocks. By using targeted fat grafting with fat harvested from another part of your body, our surgeons can truly sculpt your figure and customize your results. You'll enjoy enviable, yet natural‐appearing results, and since we use your own tissue, your new, improved buttocks feel just as real as they look.

With more than a decade of experience with buttock augmentation with fat grafting, our surgeons are among the most experienced buttock augmentation surgeons in the U.S. To get started, request a consultation at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery or call our office at (318) 562-1433. Conveniently located in Shreveport, we serve patients from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas and offer a complete array of cosmetic surgery and skin care treatments through Jade MediSpa.

An Innovator Honored by Peers

Dr. Wall Jr.'s research paper

A research paper co-authored by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. about Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL) was recognized as "Best United States Paper" for 2018 by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, the world's largest and most prestigious plastic surgery journal.

Who Needs It

Interestingly, many of Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.'s patients are surprised or even hesitant to think of buttock augmentation as part of their body contouring because the last thing they would want is a "wider" buttock. The key to understanding why he performs so many buttock augmentation procedures either alone or with other body shaping procedures is that not all buttock augmentations are the same! Dr. Wall Jr. is well‐known to take individual patient preferences into consideration when designing the right procedure for each patient.

In Combination With Other Procedures

A large number of our tummy tuck patients and SAFELipo® patients receive full or targeted fat grafting of the buttocks along with their "main" procedure, simply because the results are so much better when buttock shaping with SAFELipo BBL is included. Almost all of our patients want a smaller waist and hips, and perhaps smaller saddlebags, but would also love a fuller, higher, more athletic and muscular‐appearing buttock, and that's exactly what Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.'s usual silhouette transformation includes. Not only is Dr. Wall Jr.'s 360° SAFELipo/Shrink‐wrap Abdominoplasty/Targeted EVL/SAFELipo BBL procedure his most highly sought-after surgery by patients, but it is his most requested instructional course and live surgery demonstration at plastic surgery conferences worldwide.

For Buttock Enhancement Alone

Many patients place a higher emphasis on their buttock shape, and are primarily interested in SAFELipo BBL, a procedure Dr. Wall Jr. developed that combines the Brazillian butt lift (BBL) with SAFELipo of the waist and/or thighs. Many of these patients are interested in increasing the projection, roundness, and width of their buttocks while minimizing the size of their waist. For these patients, Dr. Wall Jr. utilizes a more comprehensive approach of performing Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL) of the entire buttocks to achieve the results his patients desire. Very rarely when fat grafting is not possible or ideal, we will discuss using a buttock implant to achieve the patient's desired goals.

As a Corrective Procedure

Patients who have been disappointed by buttock enhancement performed elsewhere, many times by inexperienced or unqualified doctors, often come to us for corrective buttock surgery. As specialists in complex and revision body contouring surgery, our surgeons have extensive experience using innovative techniques to transform results that are less than satisfying into the fuller, rounder, natural‐looking buttocks patients want.

Common Concerns

Although you may think of buttock augmentation as a "woman's procedure," it's gaining popularity among men, too. Typically, buttock augmentation patients are unsatisfied with the size of their buttocks in relation to their hips or thighs. When these patients visit us for consultations, they generally cite one or more of the following concerns as motivators:

  • Buttocks that appear too small for their bodies, causing an imbalanced appearance
  • Saggy or flat buttocks due to aging, genetics, or weight fluctuations
  • Frustration over not "filling out" clothes and swimsuits
  • Concern that the waist, hips, or thighs look too big or unbalanced
  • A "square" or unflattering appearance of the buttocks in silhouette

Because our surgeons perform buttock augmentation via fat transfer, it's important that you have enough unwanted fat elsewhere on your body to transfer to your buttocks. However, the targeted approach that our doctors use called SAFELipo BBL does not always require the large amount of donor fat that comprehensive buttock augmentation does. During your consultation, your surgeon performs a thorough physical evaluation to help you determine whether buttock augmentation is the right procedure for you.

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Case 398: Buttock Augmentation

SAFELipo BBL which is a  “buttock augmentation with fat grafting,” is a procedure in which surgeons liposuction fat from somewhere the patient has extra — usually the tummy, thighs or hips — and inject it into the buttocks to give it a more rounder shape.

Case 567: Buttock Augmentation

This mother of 2 states her reason for choosing to have plastic surgery was "to fix my body back to the way it was before pregnancy and to increase my confidence." She also stated that the reason she chose The Wall Center and specifically Dr. Simeon Wall Jr was because "a friend recommended him to me 10 years ago when I was wanting a breast augmentation. Because of the great work Dr. Wall Jr. did on my breasts, I chose to come back to him for a tummy tuck with lipo and also had fat transferred to my butt."  During her consultation she discussed with Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.  that she was focused on an improvement of her tummy area and excess fat around her waist, but realized during her consultation that what she really wanted was a dramatic change to her entire trunk, circumferentially.  During Dr. Wall Jr.¹s examination of the patient, it was recommended that she undergo  a “360 degree shrink-wrap” procedure with SAFELipo of the circumferential trunk incorporated with his comprehensive tummy tuck using a very low incision and beautifully recreated belly button.  In cases like this where the patient doesn¹t have quite enough excess skin for a full tummy tuck, a very short vertical incision is used to close the skin from the old umbilical opening.  This allows for the tummy tuck scar to be kept very low, thin, and hidden - one of the big reasons patients from around the world choose Dr. Wall Jr. for their abdominoplasty surgery. Dr. Wall Jr. also recommended that instead of throwing away the excess fat , he could utilize it for fat transfer to create targeted volume with a rounder, more youthful shape to the buttocks.  When asked how the patient feels about her results, she reported "Everything is great! My clothes fit better and I am more happy with how I look." The Post Op pictures of her tummy tuck with SAFELipo and fat grafting to the mid-buttocks were taken just 4 months after her surgery.  The pictures of her breast augmentation are a great example of how amazing her breasts still look after 10 years.  Notice the overall improvements to her body including improved contour of her figure and the youthfulness to her mid-buttocks. Her proportional feminine shape will be a permanent change as long as she maintains a healthy lifestyle.DRESS SIZE BEFORE:   8   DRESS SIZE AFTER:   4     DROPPED 2 SIZES!WAIST MEASUREMENTS BEFORE:   36.22²   WAIST SIZE AFTER:   29.92²     DROPPED    6.3² INCHES!HIPS MEASUREMENTS BEFORE:    39.14²   HIPS MEASUREMENTS AFTER:   34.25²     DROPPED 4.89² INCHES!SAFELipo BBL which is a  “buttock augmentation with fat grafting,” is a procedure in which surgeons liposuction fat from somewhere the patient has extra — usually the tummy, thighs or hips — and inject it into the buttocks to give it a more rounder shape.

Case 598: Buttock Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift using SafeLipo

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Preparing for Buttock Augmentation

Your initial consultation is an important time to have a candid conversation with your surgeon about your lifestyle and desired results. During this appointment, your doctor will perform a physical examination, review your medical history, and discuss your options and his or her potential surgical plan at length. Although buttock augmentation is an outpatient procedure, many of our patients prefer to stay in our luxurious guest suites for as long as they like before or after surgery. Whether our patients are from the immediate area or traveling from afar, staying in our guest suites adds an enhanced sense of security and comfort that our patients appreciate and enjoy.

The Surgery

At The Wall Center, our surgeons perform buttock augmentation via targeted or comprehensive fat grafting in conjunction with a special form of liposuction of the donor areas called SAFELipo. As a matter of fact, SAFELipo with "targeted" fat grafting of the mid‐buttocks called SAFELipo BBL was developed right here at The Wall Center. Your surgery is performed in our on‐site, AAAASF‐accredited, state‐licensed, and Medicare‐certified ambulatory surgery center, usually while you are under general anesthesia.

Your surgeon begins by performing SAFELipo on the donor area of your body. Although this can technically be anywhere you have unwanted fat, most patients opt for circumferential reduction of the waist and trunk or thighs. Slimming the waist, back, abdomen, and flanks with liposuction also accentuates the appearance of the reshaped buttocks. Our surgeons are particularly attentive to the overall proportions of the waist to hips, hips to thighs, and overall body silhouette to attain the most attractive overall buttock and body shape.

Once your surgeon has collected a sufficient amount of fat, he or she processes the donor fat in special holding canisters. These canisters were designed by Dr. Simeon Wall and Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, both known worldwide for their expertise in fat grafting. These special canisters and preparation procedures do not require the use of a centrifuge, which can damage the fat as it is being processed. Consequently, fat that has been treated in this way may be more likely to survive in higher amounts when it is grafted.

Your surgeon then carefully injects the fat into multiple layers of your buttocks using a power‐assisted, unique technique called Expansion Vibration Lipofilling, or EVL, also developed by Dr. Wall Jr. and Dr. Del Vecchio. Our surgeons feel that the use of EVL enhances the results of fat grafting procedures and allows them to graft higher amounts in a single sitting without sacrificing the amount of augmentation that can be obtained.

However, our surgeons understand that a successful buttock augmentation isn't just a matter of adding volume. Instead, it's about complementing your body's natural curves and proportions and paying close attention to the subtle changes in contour that are seen in attractive buttock and body shapes. Our doctors prioritize tasteful, natural‐looking results that bring out the best in every body.


Because we use the muscles in our buttocks for many activities, it's important to take special care while you heal at home. For several weeks after surgery, you'll likely need to sit with a pillow under your thighs to minimize pressure on your buttocks. You may also need to wear a special compression garment and foam reinforcements to support the area and facilitate proper healing. Soreness, swelling, and some bruising are common, but you can effectively manage your discomfort with prescribed medicine and our stretching protocol. Although every patient's recovery timeline is different, you can expect to get back to work and other low‐impact activities within 2 weeks. Upon returning to work, you may need to use a pillow or cushion to reduce pressure on your buttocks, depending on the specifics of your surgery.

Our surgeons use special techniques to create beautiful, lasting results. Fat is an organic material, which means it's likely to age and change in harmony with your body. Because it's your own fat, there's very little risk of an adverse reaction or rejection.

To further improve your results, it's important to maintain your weight. Extreme gains or losses can change the volume and shape of your buttocks, potentially requiring revisionary surgery.

Request a Consultation

Our surgeons and staff look forward to helping you understand all your cosmetic options. Request a consultation at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery or call our office at (318) 562-1433. Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas residents trust our practice to help achieve their cosmetic surgery goals.

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