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Fat grafting, sometimes called fat transfer, is a popular option at our Shreveport, Louisiana plastic surgery clinic. In addition to the recent explosion of interest in fat grafting, our surgeons are known internationally for their work in comprehensive fat management, including fat grafting. By removing unwanted fat from a “donor” area of your body, such as your abdomen, and adding it to another area of your body, such as your breasts, your surgeon can truly sculpt your face, breasts, buttocks, or body for customized, natural-appearing results. At The Wall Center, the possibilities are practically endless. Our surgeons and staff are excited to help you envision your potential results.

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What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a process which uses unwanted fat taken from one part of a patient’s body — often the abdomen, hips, or thighs — to augment or enhance another area of the same patient’s face or body. The surgeons at The Wall Center are proud to be at the forefront of fat grafting techniques. In fact, Dr. Wall Jr. travels extensively to train other surgeons on fat grafting, and it is the subject of many of his national and international speaking engagements.

Fat grafting begins with a special form of liposuction called SAFELipo® used to extract unwanted fat from your predetermined donor site, keeping these donor areas smooth, sculpted, and natural-looking. At The Wall Center, our doctors are liposuction specialists. In fact, our own Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., developed SAFELipo®, a body contouring process that is exceptionally well-suited to fat grafting. In fact, one of the ways SAFELipo has revolutionized liposuction across the world is its utilization of local fat grafts at the donor site to ensure a smooth result.

While you are still asleep, your surgeon processes your fat in special canisters designed by Dr. Wall Jr. and Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio. These canisters purify fat and make it optimal for grafting without damaging it. Finally, your surgeon carefully injects this purified fat into another area of your body using a technique called Expansion Vibration Lipofilling, or EVL, also designed by Dr. Wall Jr.

Our surgeons often incorporate fat grafting into many face, breast and body procedures, including SAFELipo BBL for the buttocks. This is often a necessary part of the surgery that adds soft fullness for a very natural appearance. At The Wall Center, fat grafting is regularly used to enhance the results of the following procedures:

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