Holly Casey Wall MD FACS

Dr. Holly Casey Wall

Dr. Holly Casey Wall is one of the busiest female plastic surgeons in the country. After world-class surgical training at Stanford University, Holly brought her talents to the Ark-La-Tex and is proud to be a part of a team of some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons. At home in Shreveport, Louisiana, she has helped build The Wall Center into a thriving practice that draws patients from throughout the U.S. and beyond.

What made you decide you wanted to be a plastic surgeon? Did you consider any other specialties?

The one thing I did know going into med school was that I would never be a surgeon. I had heard that the lifestyle was horrible, not good for family life, not good for your personal life or health. In medical school, you rotate in all of the specialties during your 3rd year. I chose to do the surgery rotation first so that I could get it over with, but surgery was the only rotation that I loved. While I enjoyed general surgery, plastic surgery was fascinating to me. I love the variety of patients and operations – kids, adults, women, men, healthy and ill, finger, lips, breasts, and cancers.

Which of your accomplishments makes you the proudest?

Honestly, my marriage. I love and respect Simeon so much, and I feel that back from him. I feel like I’m with my soul mate and true partner in life and work. Most people say they couldn’t work with their spouses. But I don’t think I could work without mine.

What made you decide to join The Wall Center in Shreveport?

Simeon Jr. and I both had great opportunities to stay in the beautiful Bay Area, but the blessing to come back to Shreveport to practice plastic surgery and work with Simeon’s dad was incomparable. To work with someone who brought liposuction to the United States, to work with the most generous and kind person, to work with someone whose experience surpasses 95% of surgeons – it was a no-brainer. I married well!

As a woman, do you feel that you bring something different to the practice?

I think there are certainly some women who feel more comfortable with another woman. I know that I prefer female doctors! I can personally relate to other women and mothers who want plastic surgery. But I have to admit, my partners have amazing abilities to relate to women.

What’s your favorite procedure? Why?

Breast rejuvenation is so satisfying, for the patients and for me. Procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift are often part of the Mommy Makeovers I perform. To help a woman achieve her goals in an area that neither diet nor exercise can fix is very rewarding. I know this on a personal level, and I’m thrilled to facilitate the empowerment that women feel when their vision of themselves matches their reality. I also find revision and complex surgery cases particularly gratifying because we’re helping patients who are disappointed or self‐conscious about the results they received at another practice.

Where do you see your career and The Wall Center in 10 years?

I expect that The Wall Center will still be the pillar of plastic surgery in the Ark-La-Tex.

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