Simeon Wall Jr. MD FACS

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. is one of the board-certified plastic surgeons who have made Shreveport, Louisiana, a destination for plastic surgery patients worldwide. He is committed to The Wall Center’s promise of honest treatment recommendations, premium service, and exceptional plastic surgery. He has built a long list of some of the most prestigious honors and achievements in the field, but more importantly, he has earned the trust and respect of his peers and patients.

How long have you known you wanted to be a plastic surgeon?

I remember how incredible it was helping my dad in the emergency room while he was repairing a really severe facial trauma. At only 4 years old, I was bringing my dad extra gauze, opening supplies for him, adjusting the light for him while he spent about 3 hours repairing this man’s injuries. My dad talked to the man the whole time to keep him calm and relaxed.

I’ve watched my dad go to the emergency room and help people day and night, without even the slightest complaint, pretty much my whole life. To be able to help people like that, as well as with cosmetic surgery, is a pretty good thing. What else could possibly compare to that?

What qualifications set you apart?

I don’t know about being set apart, but there are some things that might make me a little different from some other plastic surgeons, other than maintaining a high-volume breast and body contouring practice. It starts with the fact that, with a father who is a plastic surgeon, I’ve worked in plastic surgery since I was a kid. Training at the most competitive plastic surgery program in the world at Stanford was also a big advantage, and I think that helped me set up for success.

It’s also nice to be trusted by my peers and elected president of the Louisiana Society of Plastic Surgeons. But being a traveling professor for The Aesthetic Society with speaking engagements all over the world has absolutely made me a better surgeon. Having plastic surgeons from all over the world watch my surgeries and scrutinize my results has forced me to really pick apart every single thing I do, and make sure every step of every surgery is as perfect as I can make it.

It also probably doesn’t hurt that I have a compulsive and perfectionistic personality that translates to every patient I see and every surgery I perform. These traits probably were a big factor in why I felt compelled to develop a new, comprehensive method of manipulating fat with SAFELipo®. I just live and breathe aesthetic plastic surgery and the practice’s core values, which center around safety, honesty, exceptional results, and a superior experience overall. And I’m fortunate to work with some of the best plastic surgeons and staff anywhere in the world.

What’s unique about The Wall Center?

We don’t do this for the money. We do this to provide honest treatment advice for every single patient we see. We are blessed with an amazing practice that provides us with more patients than we can usually accept. We feel absolutely no pressure to sign up anyone we see for surgery. We only want to do the right thing for each patient, starting with patient safety, first and foremost.

My father, Holly, and I all share very similar practice philosophies and training backgrounds. We all have top-notch credentials, have always finished at the tops of our classes in everything we’ve done, we’re all very good at what we do, and most importantly, we care about our patients. This extends to caring about one another’s patients, too.

We each take our own patients’ calls; we don’t leave them to an on-call doctor. We do this because we want to take care of our patients. In the rare instance that one of us is unavailable, our patients are well taken care of by one of the other partners.

Why did you choose to return to Shreveport?

How could I pass up the opportunity to join my father and also have the opportunity to work with my wife? I can’t think of a better practice environment, and this is where I grew up. There’s a lot to be said for having a trusted brand that’s embedded in the community. We don’t advertise much, and our patients know that we want to provide incredible results just as much as they want to receive them. And our patients are nice to us! Not all my friends practicing in other parts of the country can say that.

We probably wouldn’t be able to have the same kind of setup we have here if we were in another part of the country. Our cost of living is relatively low, land and construction costs are reasonable, and cosmetic surgery is looked upon very favorably down here. We have one of the very nicest and most technologically advanced facilities in the entire country, if not the world, and we can offer the very best experience to our patients. I would hate the thought of cutting corners because we couldn’t afford more space or a certain device or instrument. Our patients know that it’s very important to us that we’re able to give them the best of everything.

Which procedures do you find especially rewarding to perform?

Overall, breast enhancement and body contouring are my areas of specialty. I’ve performed many breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck procedures, and I’ve always been committed to providing the best possible results. This goal motivated me to develop the SAFELipo technique, which revolutionized body contouring. I have also refined techniques for revision and complex procedures for the breasts and body. I believe it’s not acceptable to tell patients there is nothing that can be done to improve unsatisfactory results by other surgeons. You could say perfection is my passion.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

It’s definitely running the business and everything that comes with the business side of the practice. We have more than 40 employees, a medispa, surgical center, guest suites, clinic, and the actual facility. With that much going on, it’s tough to keep everyone rowing in the same direction sometimes, but I think we have an incredible staff and an incredible practice. It’s just a lot of work that doesn’t come as naturally to me as surgery.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud to look back over a period of many years and know that I always did my very best during every single surgery. I’ve never looked for shortcuts or satisfied myself with just an OK result. My focus has never strayed from performing the very best surgery and taking care of my patients as well as I possibly could. One of the most gratifying aspects is helping patients who are disappointed with the results of surgery performed elsewhere, through revision and complex surgical procedures. I guess I’m most proud of my track record, both professionally and personally. I just pray that I keep it up!

Where do you see The Wall Center in 10 years?

With my involvement in plastic surgery leadership, as well as all the teaching and my traveling professorship, I know I want to leave the field of plastic surgery better than I found it. I want to make a difference and contribute to our specialty, which is really about contributing to our patients in general. Maybe that means that we’ll continue doing what we’re doing for many years to come, or maybe we’ll focus more on educating the next generation of plastic surgeons. It’s hard for me to predict the next 10 minutes, much less the next 10 years!

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