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It’s no surprise that our board-certified plastic surgeons in Shreveport, LA, are often asked to share their expertise with various media outlets reporting on the latest plastic surgery trends, both in Louisiana and nationally.

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Louisiana Life Magazine cover

The Walls Named "Best Doctors" in Louisiana Life Magazine

Dr. Simeon Wall Sr., Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., and Dr. Holly Casey Wall each earned a spot on the list of Best in Plastic Surgery in the Nov/Dec issue of Louisiana Life magazine. This honor goes to doctors who are the best in their field, according to their fellow doctors.

Daily Mail logo

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. Quoted in The Daily Mail

Dr. Wall Jr. weighs in on the safety and effectiveness of new treatments introduced at the annual American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Aesthetic Meeting recently held in New Orleans. Find out if these "tweakments" are worth it.

Allure magazine cover

Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. Quoted in Allure

In early 2019, Dr. Wall was quoted in an Allure article about the evolution of breast augmentation and liposuction.

Readers Digest

SAFELipo® Profiled in Reader's Digest

In 2018, Dr. Wall, Jr., was cited in a Reader's Digest article about different types of liposuction. He describes his development of SAFELipo and the amazing results that are possible.

Allure magazine cover

Dr. Simeon Wall Shares a Celebrity Story in Allure

In the February 2017 issue of Allure, Dr. Wall offers readers a glimpse into the world of celebrity cosmetic surgeons, including the time a member of the royal family stayed in the VIP guest suite at The Wall Center.

Daily Mail logo

Dr. Wall Jr. Discusses Cellfina™ in The Daily Mail

This article, featured in the enormously popular U.K.-based publication The Daily Mail, lauds Cellfina as the "cellulite slayer," and quotes Dr. Wall Jr. as an authority on the procedure.

Radiant You Magazine

Dr. Holly Wall Gets the Spotlight in Radiant You

In this issue of Radiant You, the magazine devotes its Spotlight column to Dr. Holly Wall. In the article, Dr. Wall explains how, having experienced pregnancy and childbirth, she has more empathy when she works with mothers who are looking to restore their bodies.

Lifestyles Magazine cover

Breast Lifts & 'The Adonis': An Interview with The Plastic Surgery Channel Magazine

In this interactive 8-page spread, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. talks about the advantages of combining a breast lift with implants and the strides the industry has made to reduce scarring. He also explains how unwanted chest fat in men can be re-injected to sculpt and shape other areas of the body, in the so-called "Adonis procedure."

The Times

The Times of Shreveport Features Drs. Holly and Simeon Wall Jr.

A local news favorite, The Times of Shreveport article features couples who have found success in both business and in marriage, including The Wall Center's own Drs. Holly and Simeon Wall Jr.

InTouch Magazine cover

Dr. Wall Jr. Comments on Cellulite & Aging in In Touch Weekly

The popular magazine asked Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. to explain who gets cellulite and why for a recent spread featuring celebrities with the stubborn condition. See what he had to say – and which stars were featured.

allure daily beauty reporter logo

Allure Magazine Features Dr. Wall & Cellfina™

The magazine interviews Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., a longtime clinical study participant for Cellfina, to get his take on the cellulite treatment "that actually works." See what details Dr. Wall shared with Allure.

In Touch Weekly Checks in With Dr. Wall on Celebrity Cellulite

The popular magazine asked Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. to explain who gets cellulite and why for a recent spread featuring celebrities with the stubborn condition. See what he had to say – and which stars were featured.

Bazaar Magazine

Dr. Wall & Cellfina™ Featured in Harper's Bazaar

The popular magazine asks Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. for his expert opinion on Cellfina, the breakthrough cellulite treatment with long-lasting results. Learn what Dr. Wall has to say about the treatment and more about how it works.

Austin Plastic Surgeons Some of the First to Offer SAFELipo® Technique

The doctors at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre are among an elite few to be trained to offer Dr. Simeon Wall's SAFELipo technique, a type of power-assisted liposuction that's said to be safer and more effective with a less painful recovery than traditional liposuction.

Press Releases

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

Exploring the Many Roads to an Improved Abdominal Contour

published by ASAPS Panel at ASAPS Annual Meeting will review the latest tummy tuck techniques from around the globe NEW YORK, NY (April 14, 2013) – Within the last few decades, a number of different abdominoplasty techniques have been developed to treat…

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The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

First-Class Advice on Secondary Body Contouring

Experts at ASAPS Annual Meeting weigh in on ways to make the second time a charm VANCOUVER, CANADA and NEW YORK, NY (May 5, 2012) – Secondary body contouring, or revising the results of a patient's prior body shaping surgery,…

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The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

Louisiana Liposuction Specialists Respond to Safety Concerns

Specializing in an innovative approach to liposuction in Louisiana, the board-certified plastic surgeons at The Wall Center offer their opinions on recent articles questioning the safety of liposuction. Shreveport, Louisiana (February 2012) – Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. and Dr. Holly…

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The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Wall Jr. a Featured Lecturer on Body Contouring

At the recent QMP aesthetic surgery symposium in Chicago, our own Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. participated in a "point-counterpoint" panel discussion with Dr. Fabio Nahas. The panel covered hot topics in liposuction and abdominoplasty, and was moderated by Dr. James…

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