SAFELipo® Liposuction

Fighting fat cells can feel like a frustrating battle of the bulge. You diet, you exercise, and yet those love handles, tummy pouches, and saddle bags have settled in. If this situation sounds familiar, it's time to discover how SAFELipo®, a radically different form of liposuction created and developed by Louisiana plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., may provide the solution you need.

From excess fat around your thighs, knees, and waist to fleshy upper arms and neck, our skilled plastic surgeons utilize SAFELipo to remove fat cells, gently and smoothly, with results both plastic surgeons and patients are raving about. SAFELipo can also be used to control excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). SAFELipo is also routinely offered with other body contouring procedures, including abdominoplasty, breast lifts, and facelifts, and is performed as part of SAFELipo BBL™.

To learn more about SAFELipo, request a consultation at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery or call our office at (318) 562-1433. Conveniently located in Shreveport, we serve patients from throughout Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, and offer a complete array of cosmetic surgery and skin care treatments through Jade MediSpa.

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Who Needs It?

SAFELipo is most effective for men and women who are at or near their target weight and fitness level but have areas that don't respond to diet or exercise. People with good skin elasticity will achieve better benefits than those with looser or damaged skin. In addition to sculpting the body as a stand-alone procedure, SAFELipo can help contour your curves if you're having a breast enlargement, breast lift or similar procedure.

Although SAFELipo is the most effective way to reduce fat in many areas, we also offer non-surgical alternatives for those with less extensive needs. CoolSculpting® is a convenient, non-invasive option for reducing fat on the midsection, back, thighs, arms, and neck, among other areas. KYBELLA® is an injectable treatment that melts fat that causes a double chin. We can help you determine which fat-reducing procedure is right for you.

If your underarms sweat excessively – a condition called hyperhidrosisSAFELipo can reduce perspiration and odor. When performed in this area, SAFELipo physically disrupts and deactivates the apocrine (sweat and odor producing) glands to reduce hyperhidrosis long term.

Study Confirms the Safety
& Efficacy of SAFELipo®

Learn more about this study on our blog.

Preparing for SAFELipo Surgery

During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will review your general health, focusing on how SAFELipo may achieve your cosmetic goals. Together, you will explore what you want to achieve through SAFELipo, as well as any other procedures in which you might be interested. In our plastic surgery FAQs, we provide an overview of all types of procedures, including body contouring options that may complement your liposuction in Shreveport.

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The Surgery

Your plastic surgeon will perform your SAFELipo procedure at The Wall Center's triple certified Ambulatory Surgical Center (Medicare, AAAASF, State of LA). Based on the areas targeted, the procedure can be performed using either local or general anesthesia. If local anesthesia is chosen, you can ask for a sedative so that you feel fully relaxed and do not experience pain during the procedure.

To extract excess fat evenly and gently, SAFELipo is performed in a 3-step S-A-FE process, consisting of: fat Separation, fat Aspiration, and Fat Equalization.

Fat Grafting — Natural fullness right where you want it

Using fat transferred from another part of your body, fat grafting can add lasting, natural-looking shape and volume.

Fat separation and equalization are performed with a specially designed "exploded" cannula, usually with the latest power-assisted liposuction (PAL) technology. The aspiration, or removal, of the separated fat can be accomplished quickly and gently, with a much smaller cannula designed to remove this "liquefied" fat without damaging the fragile blood vessels and nerves, unlike laser and ultrasonic lipo devices that generate tremendous amounts of heat that can kill these important structures. The final step in SAFELipo, fat equalization, is performed after fat removal. This important step ensures a silky smooth appearance by equalizing the remaining thin layer of fat below the skin. This final step, in concert with the first two steps, prevents a "wavy," lumpy, or unnatural appearance of the skin, and gives incredible liposuction results that are the talk of plastic surgeons and patients around the world.

Say Hello to SAFELipo and Goodbye to Excess Fat

In contrast to other types of liposuction, SAFELipo does not generate any heat. The absence of heat minimizes damage to the skin, blood vessels, nerves, and the remaining fat layer. In addition, SAFELipo's unique fat separation and equalization process provides beautiful results without the lumpiness and waviness that can result from all other liposuction techniques. SAFELipo not only produces more dramatic and smoother results than traditional tumescent, UAL, or laser liposuction, but it also results in minimal to no bruising and can shorten downtime.

Incisions will heal quickly and you should feel much more like yourself after only a few days. Soreness usually subsides within 1 to 2 weeks, and most swelling is resolved within the first 8 weeks.

Featured Before & After Photos

View all SAFELipo™ photos in our gallery

Case 1: SAFELipo™

This is a nice example of how dramatically someone's skin can tighten up after SAFE Liposuction if their skin quality is good.

Pre-op Dress Size: 16
Post-op Dress Size: 8
Type of Lipsuction: SAFELipo technique, Power-assisted
Area Suctioned: Circumferential Trunk (Abdomen, Mons, Flanks, Back, and Hips)
Amount Suctioned: 7.0 Liters

Case 2: SAFELipo™

SAFELipo Circumferential Trunk, Mastopexy with Breast Augmentation1 Year Post-OP

Case 4: SAFELipo™

SAFELipo Circumferential Trunk & Inner Thighs1 Year Post-OP

Case 5: SAFELipo™

SAFELipo Circumferential Trunk & Thighs 1 Year Post-OP

Case 6: SAFELipo™

SAFELipo Circumferential Trunk & Lower Extremities1 Year Post-OP

Case 7: SAFELipo™

Case 8: SAFELipo™

Case 11: SAFELipo™

Case 13: SAFELipo™

Pre-op Pant Size: 40
Post-op Pant Size: 31
Type of Lipsuction: SAFE Lipo, two stages
Area Suctioned: Circumferential trunk (abdomen, sides, back, love handles) & chest
Amount Suctioned: Stage 1- 4.5 Liters, Stage 2- 1.3 Liters

Case 14: SAFELipo™

Case 15: SAFELipo™

SAFELipo Circumferential Trunk & Chest1 Year Post-OP

Case 18: SAFELipo™

Case 21: SAFELipo™

Case 75: SAFELipo™

Pre-op Dress Size: 12
Post-op Dress Size: 6
Type of Lipsuction: SAFE Liposuction, Power-assisted
Area Suctioned: hips, flanks, back, and abdomen
Amount Suctioned: 2200cc

Case 76: SAFELipo™

Type of Lipsuction: SAFE Liposuction, Power-assisted
Area Suctioned: Abdomen, Hips, Flanks, Medial Thighs, Posterior Thighs
Amount Suctioned: 3 Liters

Case 138: SAFELipo™

Liposuction of abdomen, flanks, medial thighs. 

Case 141: SAFELipo™

Liposuction of abdomen, flanks, thighs

Case 142: SAFELipo™

Case 212: SAFELipo™

This 52-year-old male is shown 6 months after having SAFELipo™ of the circumferential trunk and chest. His muscular frame has a much better shape, with higher definition of his underlying anatomy, including his "six-pack" abdominal muscles and latissimus muscles. The sculpting of his chest and underarm areas with SAFELipo dramatically improved their shape and augmented the muscularity of his pectoral muscles. It also eliminated the flabby appearance of his chest overall. Notice that the high-contrast photography shows every small detail of the contour of his skin, which appears natural, smooth, even and healthy – the hallmark of SAFELipo, a body contouring procedure developed by Louisiana plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.

Case 213: SAFELipo™

This active, 40-year-old woman had persistent areas of excess fat in the upper arms, axillas (armpits) and shoulders despite exercising and dieting. Bothersome, genetically predetermined areas such as these, which are frequently seen on the arms, inner thighs and waist, can be effectively treated with SAFELipo™, usually without need for more extensive skin reduction procedures. This woman is shown 6 months after treatment of the circumferential arms, axillas and shoulders with SAFELipo. No skin needed removal, and she has no visible scars – something which was very important to her. The tremendous amount of skin retraction frequently seen with SAFELipo has made the need for brachioplasties (skin reduction of the arms) very rare in our plastic surgery practice in Louisiana.

Case 469: SAFELipo™

This is a good example of a patient who wanted to maximize the fullness of the upper part of the breast, with a very full and rounded upper half of the breasts, while still maintaining proper proportions with the rest of her body.  She also disliked the bulges of fat and breast tissue just in front of her armpits, so she received SAFELipo to her armpit area during her breast augmentation. In addition to removing the unsightly bulges, her armpit sweating is drastically reduced.  The patient is shown one year after surgery and is very happy with her results.Photos: After photos taken 1 year after surgeryIMPLANTS: Sientra High-Strength Gel 435cc Smooth Round High Profile 

Case 534: SAFELipo™

This mother of 3 states her reason for choosing to have plastic surgery was "removal of excess skin after losing over 100 pounds, increase my confidence, healthier lifestyle, and to look like I used to." She also stated that the reason she chose The Wall Center and her plastic surgeon was because "I read the reviews and talked to people and only heard and read wonderful things about Dr. Holly." During her consultation she discussed with Dr. Holly that she was focused on an improvement of her tummy area and excess fat around her waist, but realized that what she really wanted was a dramatic change to her entire trunk, circumferentially. She also wanted slimmer thighs. During Dr. Holly Wall’s examination of the patient, it was recommended that she undergo SAFELipo of the circumferential trunk incorporated with her comprehensive tummy tuck using a very low incision and beautifully recreated umbilicus, as well as SAFELipo to the thighs. When asked how the patient feels about her results, she reported "I LOVE IT!!! I am so much more confident. I can look in the mirror without crying. After you lose so much weight, the excess skin is so depressing. Dr. Holly gave me back my life! From day 1 the staff and Dr. Holly treated me with so much respect and love. They have seen me from start to finish and kept up with my progress. They make you feel like family, very special and individual, not like a client or patient or way to make money. Just genuine and celebrate with you in your new journey. I love them and tell everyone I meet what they did for me!" The Post Op pictures were taken 1 year after her surgery. Notice the overall improvements to her body including improved contour of her figure from pear shape to hourglass. Her proportional feminine shape will be a permanent change as long as she maintains a healthy lifestyle. DRESS SIZE BEFORE:  14    DRESS SIZE AFTER:  6 

Case 598: SAFELipo™

Brazilian Butt Lift using SafeLipo

Case 662: SAFELipo™

Case 663: SAFELipo™

Case 668: SAFELipo™

Breast Augmentation with Lift, SAFELipo to Axillas 1 Year Post-OP

Case 674: SAFELipo™

Breast Augmentation, SAFELipo to Axillas 1 Year Post-OP

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Making You Feel
Right at Home

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Men and women who select SAFELipo usually see results immediately, although experiences vary. Areas continue to improve as swelling subsides. As an additional benefit, skin tightening usually continues to improve up to a year after surgery. After the swelling and minimal bruising subside, you can enjoy the contoured, more defined body you wanted.

It's important to maintain your weight after your SAFELipo procedure, because although fat cells have been removed, the remaining fat cells can expand if you gain weight. By following a healthy diet and fitness plan, your liposuction can continue to enhance your body's shape. You'll feel motivated to do so, because you will feel more attractive and self-confident about your body, both in and out of clothing. In addition, you'll experience the increased energy that comes along with an improved appearance.

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