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The Shreveport plastic surgeons of The Wall Center have been featured in several local and national media outlets, sharing their opinions and expertise on popular procedures. Check out our selection of clips from these appearances to gain valuable insight into our surgeons' unique personalities and skills.

Experts Discus BOTOX® and Other Neuromodulators

In this video from the 2018 Aesthetics Innovation Summit, Dr. Wall Jr. participates in a panel discussion on neurotoxins, covering everything from best practices to the future of wrinkle-reducing injectables.

Breast Augmentation Around the World

Returning from a breast enhancement conference in Las Vegas, Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. and Dr. Holly Wall discuss the varying approaches from surgeons in Europe, South America, and North America, as well as the overarching trend toward smaller scars.

Before-and-Afters: A Word of Caution

As you review before-and-after photos online, remember to look at the timeframe: If you're seeing an "after" photo that's just 3 months out, remember that those final results may well be different as the body continues to heal. The longevity of your results matters most.

BOTOX® & Fillers: How Do I Choose?

It's among the most common questions we get from medical spa patients. In this short video, Dr. Simeon Wall breaks down the most important differences between the two, explaining when each is most appropriate.

Plastic Surgery for Teens: An Honest Discussion

As Dr. Holly Wall explains, "I never turn down a teen for a consultation." In this video, she discusses the choices available to teens, along with the questions you'll discuss before planning a surgical procedure.

Take a Tour of the Wall Center

Get a sense for what it's like to visit our practice. This short video offers a glimpse of our modern facility here in Shreveport, with a calm and soothing atmosphere designed to make you feel right at home.

EVL: Changing the Way We Perform Fat Grafting

Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr., explains that EVL (Expansion Vibration Lipofilling) makes transferred fat assimilate more successfully, which at least doubles the amount of fat that can be added to a treatment area.

Understanding Each Type of Implant

It's a little more complex than saline versus silicone. This video provides a quick overview of the choices you have in breast implants, Dr. Holly Wall's personal preferences, and some advice for making your consultation a successful one.

Feminine Rejuvenation Is Becoming More Popular

With the power of ThermiVa®, Dr. Holly Wall can help women tighten both the inner and outer vaginal tissue and restore their confidence. Labiaplasty surgery, another option, may be more appropriate in some cases.

Is Breast Augmentation the Right Procedure?

The "borderline patient" is the subject of this short video. Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr., explains that for patients who come in requesting a breast augmentation, sometimes other breast enhancement options can be more effective.

ThermiVa® for Vaginal Rejuvenation

In this short video, Dr. Holly Casey Wall introduces ThermiVa, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment option for our Shreveport patients that's nonsurgical.

Body Contouring: The Power of Combining Procedures

In this interview, Dr. Holly Casey Wall and Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. tell us why combining the unique advantages of liposuction and tummy tuck has completely changed the way they think about body contouring.

Turning Male Breast Fat Into a Masculine Chest

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. tells the Plastic Surgery Channel about how he uses liposuction and fat grafting techniques to first reduce fat from a man's chest, then build it back up into a masculine, muscular look.

How SAFELipo® Stacks Up Against Traditional Liposuction

A recent study showed that SAFELipo had the highest success and patient satisfaction rates possible and no complications in more than 100 cases. Hear the full results of this research from our own Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.

One Good & One Not-So-Good Outcome

In this interview with the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. talks about a pair of recent cases: one that went well and one that came with some complications. Learn which patients are more prone to risks and how Dr. Wall handles such situations to ensure each patient's health and beauty.

The Unseen Effects of Sugary Drinks

In this Plastic Surgery Channel video on sugary drinks, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. and others weigh in on how these drinks, as well as alcoholic drinks, affect the way our bodies burn fat. Learn what may be happening to your body and alternative drinks to consider.

Erase Cellulite at Last With Cellfina

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. talks in this NBC 6 video about Cellfina, an FDA-approved cellulite treatment he uses to help patients eliminate pesky, dimpled skin. The Wall Center in Shreveport is one of just a few locations in the U.S. with this innovative treatment.

A Beautiful Boost From a Breast Lift

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. and Dr. Holly Wall talk in this Plastic Surgery Channel video about how many patients can benefit from a breast lift, often combined with augmentation. Learn how techniques have evolved over the years and how this surgery helps patients.

More Than Just a Tummy Tuck

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. and Dr. Holly Wall talk in this Plastic Surgery Channel video about how they combine liposuction with a tummy tuck for a better result overall. Plus, learn how they target separated abdominal muscles for moms.

Botched: The Pros & Cons of Plastic Surgery on TV

In this Plastic Surgery Channel video, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. and Dr. Holly Wall talk about the television show Botched. Although it's sensational, they say, there are some valuable lessons that patients can learn from watching.

Tiea Finds Confidence Through Breast Revision

Tiea, who had breast augmentation from another surgeon, talks about how dissatisfaction with her initial results caused her to be self-conscious and unhappy. After years of embarrassment, Tiea found Dr. Wall Jr. and changed her look – and her outlook – with revision surgery.

New Cellulite Removal Technology Featured on Smart Beauty Guide

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. is featured on the ASAPS Smart Beauty Guide, talking about the different options now available for cellulite removal. He's particularly excited about a new non-invasive technology, Cellfina.

What's So S.A.F.E. about SAFELipo?

Louisiana plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. explains SAFELipo's multi-step approach to comprehensively treat fat within the body. His liposuction technique has had dramatic results with less risk of complication and contour deformities.

Austin Plastic Surgeons Some of the First to Offer SAFELipo® Technique

The surgeons at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Center discuss how Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr.'s SAFELipo technique is significantly different than any other liposuction treatment. In their patients, they've seen exceptional results with fewer problems and quicker recovery.

Cellulite Removal Device

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. introduces a new cellulite device hitting the market: Cellfina. He believes this can finally be the non-invasive answer patients with cellulite are looking for. Cellfina will hit offices sometime this fall to begin helping patients get rid of unwanted cellulite.

Breast Lifts Rise in Popularity

KTBS 3 interviews Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. and Dr. Holly Wall of The Wall Center on the surge in popularity for the breast lift procedure. They discuss how the desire to attain breast rejuvenation as well as advancements in technology have attributed to this increase.

"Tummy Tuck 360": The New Way to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back After Pregnancy

In this video from The Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. Dustin Reid and Dr. Ashley Gordon discuss the "Tummy Tuck 360" revolutionary procedure which is based on the tummy tuck and liposuction procedure that is used by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.

Which Countries Demand Bigger Breasts

In this video from The Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. Holly Wall discusses the different breast sizes favored and how to appropriately address each patient's demands when it comes to the implant size that's right for their body.

The Latest Tips, Techniques and Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

In this video from The Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. Holly Casey Wall reveals her choices for the top 5 procedures for women to refresh their faces and bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. Learn why these services are popular with busy moms who want to look leaner and livelier.

Debate: Is the Push Up Bra Look a Good Idea?

In this video from The Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. argues that it is reasonable for his patients to achieve the push up bra look with long lasting results and a low re-operative rate.

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., Interviewed on the Plastic Surgery Channel™

Our very own Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., is featured in this revealing television episode that explores the truth about plastic surgery. Find out what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to plastic surgery and non-surgical enhancement.

Baby Damage? Time For a Mommy Makeover

Learn why a tummy tuck and liposuction in Shreveport, Louisiana, combined with breast enhancement at The Wall Center can give you enough self-confidence to wear a little bikini at the beach - and why you'll have minimal discomfort after your surgery.

Inside the Wall

At the heart of The Wall Center is our family of plastic surgeons in Shreveport, Louisiana. Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of Dr. Simeon Wall Sr., Dr. Holly Casey Wall, and Dr. Simeon Wall Jr.

KTBS 3: Louisiana Breast Augmentation Surgeons Discuss Adjustable Gel Implants

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., and Dr. Holly Wall offer professional insight into some of the hottest new procedures in plastic surgery, including the new adjustable gel implant for Louisiana breast augmentation and LATISSE™ eyelash enhancement.

Boost Your Breasts and Confidence With Breast Augmentation

Dr. Holly Wall explains how breast augmentation to address the changes made by pregnancy and childbirth can help enhance a woman's confidence and sense of femininity without altering who she is inside.

Say Hello to SAFELipo® and Goodbye to Excess Fat

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. provides a quick overview of SAFELipo, a body contouring technique created by him that lessens the risk of common complications including dermal adhesions and dimpling. Learn why SAFELipo maintains the quality of the skin even after large-volume fat extraction.

Top 5 Procedures to Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

Dr. Holly Casey Wall reveals her choices for the top 5 procedures for women to refresh their faces and bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. Learn why these services are popular with busy moms who want to look leaner and livelier.

CoolSculpting® Gaining in Popularity with Plastic Surgeons

In this video from The Plastic Surgery Channel, hear Dr. Holly Casey Wall explain why CoolSculpting is quickly becoming a popular body sculpting option at plastic surgery practices across the country, and learn who can benefit from this exciting treatment.

Are Your Professional Surgical Pictures on Another Doctor's Website?

See Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., discuss the phenomenon of surgeons plagiarizing the work of other surgeons by stealing before-and-after photos for use on their own websites. Learn how you can protect yourself by choosing a qualified surgeon and asking the right questions at your consultation.

Breast Implants: Saline v. Gel in Louisiana

Are you having a hard time deciding which type of implant is best for you? In this video, hear Dr. Holly Wall talk candidly about breast implants. She breaks down the difference between saline and silicone and explains the pros and cons of each.

Matching Breast Implants to Your Needs & Expectations

Learn why breast augmentation at The Wall Center is different from other practices in this informative video hosted by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. Dr. Wall explains the breast augmentation process, demystifying the consultation, discussing the surgical procedure, and helping you understand what you might expect during recovery.

Break out the Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Blood loss during surgery can lead to bruising, but The Wall Center's procedures ensure minimal blood loss for little to no bruising and a fast, comfortable recovery.

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