Louisiana Plastic Surgeons Selected for National Trial Study

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery in Louisiana is one of only 28 U.S. practices chosen to offer a new type of “adjustable gel” breast implant. This innovative design combines the advantages of silicone gel and saline implants to give women a natural look and feel with an adjustable fit.

Shreveport, Louisiana (February 2009) – Drs. Simeon Wall Sr., Holly Wall, and Simeon Wall Jr. of The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery are among a select group of plastic surgeons chosen to participate in a new breast implant study. Only 30 plastic surgeons nationwide have been selected to participate.

Mentor Corporation, the worldwide leader in breast implant manufacturing, held its investigator meeting for its new adjustable gel implant in Las Vegas in late January, with the study set to begin in early March of this year. The clinical trial of an adjustable gel implant for cosmetic breast enhancement represents a new concept in breast implant design.

This select group of surgeons was chosen based on their experience with gel and saline breast augmentation, as well as national and international credentials. Drs. Holly Wall and Simeon Wall Jr. had previously been selected to serve on Mentor Corporation’s LEAD Program, an advisory board comprised of a select dozen of the country’s thought leaders in breast augmentation. Drs. Simeon Wall Sr., Holly Wall, and Simeon Wall Jr. are the only plastic surgeons in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and New Mexico involved in the study.

“We are honored to be among an exclusive group of surgeons across the nation leading our field in the newest and best techniques and products,” says Simeon Wall Sr. MD, who has been practicing plastic surgery for over 30 years in Shreveport.

“We are pleased to be selected for this study based on our extensive surgical experience and reputation in Louisiana breast enhancement. We feel it is a great compliment to have Shreveport included with larger destinations including Beverly Hills, New York, and South Florida,” adds Simeon Wall Jr. MD FACS.

Holly Wall MD FACS, discussed the new implant study, “The exciting thing for me is that the new adjustable gel implant will give us a better solution for many women considering breast augmentation.”

Currently available in Europe, the adjustable gel implant will be undergoing clinical trial in the United States as part of Mentor Corporation’s process of seeking FDA approval. This investigational device is only available in the clinical study. As investigators in the study, Drs. Simeon Wall Sr., Simeon Wall Jr., and Holly Wall carefully consult with women interested in adjustable gel implants to ensure their candidacy for the study.

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery is one of only 28 exclusive practices in the U.S. chosen to offer adjustable gel implants. To learn more, request a consultation or call our office at  (318) 795-0801. Conveniently located in Shreveport, we serve patients from Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.


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