Yearly Archives: 2014

Are Your Implants Under Warranty?

Mentor made headlines recently by becoming the first implant manufacturer to introduce a lifetime warranty. Theirs covers all of their MENTOR® MemoryGel® and MemoryShape® breast implants, and comes on the heels of some other impressive warranty programs introduced by their competitors. Most of the breast implants offered at our Shreveport, Louisiana practice come with warranties, …

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Unlocking the Secret to a Better Rhinoplasty

How often do you find yourself scrutinizing your columella - that small strip of flesh between your nostrils? For most people, the answer is not very often. But if you're considering rhinoplasty, maybe you have examined the tip of your nose, your nostrils, and that little columella. Maybe you know that something's off there, but …

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The Wall Center Experience

For over thirty years, The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery has thrived on a strong reputation for patient satisfaction, beautiful surgical results, and continued excellence within the local community and even across the globe. To discover exactly how The Wall Center experience is different from other aesthetic plastic surgeons’ offices, we decided to go directly …

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