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The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

For over thirty years, The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery has thrived on a strong reputation for patient satisfaction, beautiful surgical results, and continued excellence within the local community and even across the globe. To discover exactly how The Wall Center experience is different from other aesthetic plastic surgeons’ offices, we decided to go directly to the source: our patients. We interviewed actual patients, specifically our real patient models that you see represented on our website. Megan T., Megan L., and Heather all graciously sat down with us after their surgeries to discuss how aesthetic plastic surgery has changed their lives.

Megan T., a medical device sales representative from Dallas, has a unique perspective on The Wall Center in comparison to the other ladies. She was Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr’s patient coordinator for three years and was able to directly see Dr. Wall Jr’s, “high level of care, professionalism, expertise and attention to detail he gave to every single patient that came to him”. After seeing first hand his patients’ results and hearing about her best friend’s experience, it made choosing breast augmentation with Dr. Wall Jr an easy decision. Megan laughs as she recounts her recovery experience, “Dr. Wall was kind enough to let me take a day off, but I knew I couldn’t ‘milk it’ with these guys. They knew as well as I did that as long as I did my displacement exercises with their Rapid Recovery program that I would be feeling great and could easily return to work.” Megan’s life has changed dramatically since her breast augmentation and SAFELipo procedures. Since undergoing her surgeries, she has competed in fitness events and feels more confident. She stated, “Let’s just say I’d do it all over again in a heart beat. It’s awesome! I love that I don’t have to hunt for the perfect bra to go with certain outfits, can go braless if I want to, and wear any kind of swimsuit top!”

Megan L., a registered nurse from Shreveport, decided to have breast augmentation because she never developed the feminine curves she wanted and to boost her self-confidence. Megan states, “I got breast augmentation for me, and when researching several surgeons in the area, I saw Dr. Holly Wall’s photos, as well as the work she did for a friend of mine. I immediately scheduled a consultation!” Since Megan L.’s surgery, she states she’s “no longer embarrassed to wear swimsuits and clothes fit much better.” She has also returned to our facility to visit the Jade MediSpa for Botox injections and tattoo removal. “The Wall Center staff is amazing! They make you feel like a part of the family. Who wouldn’t like that?”

Heather, a personal trainer from Monroe, also had breast augmentation because of weight loss due to an illness. “After catching mono and losing a lot of weight, I decided to pursue breast augmentation to achieve my original cup size. Quite honestly, I felt more feminine with my original 32 DD and I wanted to go back to that size.” Heather chose The Wall Center after online searching for “best plastic surgeons in Northeast Louisiana”. She states, “The Wall Center repeatedly popped up, so I looked into their facilities and was very happy with what I had read on their website.” When asked about her consultation, Heather gushes, “I actually had several consultations because I kept thinking of different questions to ask. I was really nervous. Dr. Wall Jr answered my questions in detail each time and assured me I would be happy with my results. My experiences with The Wall Center and Dr. Wall Jr were amazing!” Since her surgery, Heather has continued her career as a personal trainer and states, “within two weeks, I was back in the gym and easing my way back into lifting weights. I honestly believe I recovered so fast because I stuck to the exercises Dr. Wall Jr told me to do. Now, I am way more confident with how I carry myself because I feel that I now have pretty breasts again, thanks to Dr. Wall Jr and his amazing staff!”

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