Breast Augmentation Incision Decisions: What You Need To Know

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

Have you ever thought about breast augmentation in Louisiana? If so, you aren’t alone. The Wall Center performs over 800 breast procedures each year. Our surgeons have strong relationships with the top breast implant manufacturers, allowing our patients access to many types of breast implants. Plus, they use sophisticated surgical techniques for a safer and more rewarding breast enhancement surgery.

Two advancements that have made a big difference for many female patients at The Wall Center are the “short scar” or “no visible scar” techniques employed by our surgeons. These approaches help to minimize the look of scars without compromising proper implant placement or limiting your implant options.

    • Short-Scar: our surgeons perform breast lifts and breast reductions – surgeries that traditionally produce extensive scarring – through much shorter incisions. Most surgeons use the inverted “T” incision, which involves a scar around the areola, straight down the underside of the breast, and a long horizontal scar in the breast crease (inframammary fold). We eliminate the breast crease incision, reducing the total scar length by 50 to 70%. In addition to the shorter scar, this approach produces a better aesthetic result with reduced complications, less surgery time, and usually less pain.  Also, as with all our breast surgeries, the recovery period is practically nothing because we use the rapid recovery program.
    • No Visible Scar: women who don’t want scars on the breasts often choose this approach, which places implants from a remote location like the armpit, or occasionally the bellybutton. This is done with the assistance of an endoscope – a long tube with a very small video camera and bright light that enables the surgeon to visualize the internal breast anatomy. This is attractive for patients who have a history of poor scarring or are concerned about scars. It is also a good option for women who don’t want anyone to know they’ve had a breast augmentation or don’t want a visible breast scar, such as models, performers and exotic dancers.

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