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If we told you that you could earn discounts on BOTOX®, Voluma®, and JUVÉDERM® injections, SkinMedica™ skincare products, and LATISSE® eyelash enhancement just by doing the things you love, would you believe it? At Jade MediSpa in Shreveport, we were skeptical, too. But the Brilliant Distinctions® program from Allergan lets you do just that – earn rewards for shopping your favorite retailers and for getting the treatments that help you look your best.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up for the program on the Brilliant Distinctions website. It takes just a few minutes.

Step 2: Visit us at Jade MediSpa for BOTOX or JUVÉDERM injections, or to purchase LATISSE or SkinMedica products. We automatically credit your Brilliant Distinctions account with your treatments and purchases.

Step 3: Start accumulating points towards savings coupons for either BOTOX or JUVÉDERM injections or LATISSE or SkinMedica products.

But wait, didn’t we mention shopping? Yes, we did. The Brilliant Distinctions Mall lets you rack up points with purchases you’d be making anyway – things like clothing, home improvement items, travel, electronics, health and personal care, pet products…the list goes on and on. Literally thousands of retailers that you already know, trust, and shop now offer Brilliant Distinctions points for purchases, and the list keeps growing.

Points EarningPoints redemption


Points Redemption

Points Redeem For
100 $10
200 $20
300 $30
400 $40
500 $50
600 $60
700 $70
800 $80


Points Earning

BOTOX® Cosmetic:

1 Treatment 200 points

LATISSE® Cosmetic:

Each 3 mL Kit 100 points
Each 5 mL Kit 150 points

SkinMedica® Products:

15-100 points


1 Syringe 200 points
2 Syringes 400 points


1 Syringe 200 points
2 Syringes 400 points
3 Syringes 600 points
4 Syringes 800 points

Nothing to Lose, Plenty to Gain

Participation in the program is free, and you’ll get email notifications that let you know how many points you’ve earned. When you’re ready to redeem your points, you simply print a coupon at home and bring it with you to your next appointment. Coupons must be used within 60 days of printing.
Even if you’re only an occasional user of these Allergan products, Brilliant Distinctions is a fun, no-risk way to save money and keep yourself looking your best. If you’re interested in learning more about Brilliant Distinctions, feel free to contact us online with your questions, or give us a call at (318) 562-1433. We’re looking forward to helping you get started!

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