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How Long Do Breast Implants Actually Last?

At The Wall Center, our breast augmentation patients from Shreveport, Alexandria, and Monroe, LA, communities, sometimes have questions about how long they can realistically expect breast implants to last. Like them, you may be curious about why revision surgery is necessary and what the procedure involves as you plan for your exciting next step. The …

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Why Is The Wall Center a Revision Surgery Destination?

There's one topic that is only now starting to get noticed in the world of plastic surgery: revision surgery. As the demand for plastic surgery has increased, more and more non-plastic surgeons are offering cosmetic surgery, fueling a need for secondary procedures. In addition to procedures that are "Botched!" by unqualified practitioners, revision surgery may …

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3 Reasons Women Need to “Redo” Breast Surgery, and 1 Plastic Surgery Secret That Most Patients Never Learn

Women who undergo cosmetic breast surgery should always be counseled by their surgeon that there is a high likelihood they will need breast revision surgery at some time in their lives, especially many years after the initial breast augmentation. Many of my Shreveport, LA, patients are surprised to find that there can be huge differences …

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The plastic surgeons of The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, LA.

What Makes Our Approach to Revision Procedures Different

While most people who get cosmetic surgery are happy with their results, many patients are referred to us for revision plastic surgery in order to correct problems or improve results from an original surgery performed elsewhere. Revision procedures, however, require a different level of expertise and surgical skill that not all plastic surgery practices are set …

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