Why Is The Wall Center a Revision Surgery Destination?

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There’s one topic that is only now starting to get noticed in the world of plastic surgery: revision surgery. As the demand for plastic surgery has increased, more and more non-plastic surgeons are offering cosmetic surgery, fueling a need for secondary procedures. In addition to procedures that are “Botched!” by unqualified practitioners, revision surgery may also be indicated for many legitimate reasons, some of them by no fault of the surgeon or the patient. Many times, patients were perfectly happy with their results, but Father Time catches up to everyone, requiring a tune-up. Childbearing and weight fluctuations are 2 of the biggest reasons patients ask for revision surgery. Other times, patients simply didn’t get the results they were hoping for, they encountered complications after a primary procedure, or their perspective and desires changed.

Unfortunately, some patients use cost as a deciding factor when choosing a plastic surgeon. While everyone loves a good deal, bargain plastic surgery can end up being much more expensive in the long run. When considering the costs of aesthetic surgery, remember that the most expensive surgery is a surgery that needs to be redone because it wasn’t done right the first time.

Face, breastbody, and buttock revision surgery is typically more technically demanding than primary surgery in many ways. For a successful revision, patients need a surgeon with an increased level of skill, precision, artistry, and judgment. These traits are only gained through expert training and a lot of experience, so choosing a surgeon who has an extensive, proven track record in the specific surgery one needs is vitally important. Patients should take the time to research board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in the surgery they are looking for and choose the most experienced, most skilled, and most qualified one they can afford.

Why Choose The Wall Center?

The Wall Center is staffed by a team of world-class plastic surgeons with decades of combined experience. Our skills and qualifications are well-known in the plastic surgery community, and we’re especially renowned for creating remarkable results for our revision patients, most of whom are referred by other reputable board-certified plastic surgeons. Our long, proven track records of successful face, breast, body, and buttock surgeries give prospective patients the confidence they need to move forward with their own revision procedures.

Additionally, our own Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. has developed several surgical advancements that are now the preferred choices for revision surgery by many surgeons all over the world:

  • SAFELipo®, a multi-step body sculpting process that produces dramatic, smooth, and even results.
  • SAFELipo Smoothing is a modified version that’s exceptional for revisionary procedures.
  • Expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL), which has amplified the potential of fat transfer and was originally created from the needs of demanding revision surgeries.
  • SAFELipo BBL, a version of SAFELipo that’s completely tailored to Brazilian butt lift.
  • Breast tissue equalization, an innovative breast contouring technique that improves breast enhancement outcomes.

Our practice accommodates patients from all over the world, but given the Shreveport, LA is somewhat off the beaten path, we offer extensive pre-screening and advice by our team of knowledgeable patient care coordinators, as well as virtual consultations to allow patients to access an initial assessment with honest treatment advice. In fact, we sometimes must say “no” to prospective patients when we feel that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Not all people who see us for revision are good candidates–whether because the potential improvement won’t match the patient’s expectations, or simply because we don’t feel that the cost-to-benefit ratio would fall into the patient’s favor. It takes a lot of experience, judgment, and honesty to say no to a patient, but we only want to do surgery that actually helps people. Simply put, if we don’t believe results of a potential surgery will offset its cost, inconvenience, discomfort, and risk, we won’t offer it. 

In the interest of transparency, we also include all associated costs in each quote we offer. When you see the number we provide you, remember that we take surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, postoperative garments, dressings, and often overnight stays in our on-site luxury guest suites into account. Although the number may seem high, you’re getting so much more for your money—including the intangible benefit of being treated by true specialists operating at the top of their fields.

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