Dr. Wall Jr. Earns ‘Best U.S. Paper’ Honor From Prestigious Journal

Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr., Receives Best US Paper Award from PRS Journal

A paper on which Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. was the lead author was recently named the “Best United States Paper 2018” by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, the world’s largest and most prestigious plastic surgery journal, and one of the most prestigious journals in all of surgery. The paper summarized the findings of Dr. Wall’s study of a new technique for large-volume fat transplantation.

Your paper was, by a distinct margin, the best paper in your category,” said Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, the journal’s editor-in-chief. “As you can see, a lot of thought and effort went into selecting these winning papers in an unbiased manner—and yours was a clear winner.”

The selection criteria for the award includes the number of times the article was viewed, shared, and saved by subscribers to PRSJournal.com.

Dr. Wall and Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, the paper’s other author, will receive the award in September during the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual meeting in San Diego. The meeting attracts the nation’s leading plastic surgeons. Dr. Del Vecchio is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a practice in Boston, MA.

“It is both humbling and gratifying to earn recognition from such a prestigious journal,” Dr. Wall said. “This paper represents years of research with the goal of educating surgeons on a safer and improved technique for large volume fat transfer that leads to better results.”

Dr. Wall and Dr. Del Vecchio, over a 5-year period, performed more than 2,400 cases of buttock augmentation using patients’ own fat. Typically called a Brazilian butt lift, the traditional approach to the procedure uses a syringe for fat injection—a technique that is especially time-consuming for larger areas such as the buttocks.

The award-winning paper discusses an innovative technique called expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL), which uses larger cannulas attached to a roller pump and a power-assisted liposuction device. This is a technique that Dr. Wall already offers at The Wall Center using SAFELipo®. Dr. Wall is a body contouring specialist who also developed the SAFELipo technique.

The technique uses existing technology in an off-label and novel way, achieving better volume control, shape, and safety from procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift.


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