Fall 2015 Newsletter

Dr. Holly Casey Wall and Dr. Simeon Wall Jr smiling and holding breast implants

Ready for Rhinoplasty?
Learn more about your options for rhinoplasty at The Wall Center in Shreveport

If you’ve found yourself scrutinizing the shape or size of your nose in the mirror, it’s quite possible that you’ve already considered how a rhinoplasty procedure can help refine your features.

Here’s what you need to do before you schedule your procedure:

  • Make the decision. The choice to undergo a cosmetic procedure is not one to take lightly. We urge our Louisiana patients to consider the potential risks, cost implications, and whether or not they are physically and emotionally prepared for surgery. Most importantly, patients should be supported, not pressured, by others. The decision to have a procedure is personal. Really consider if this is for you… and only you.
  • “Sniff around” online. Puns aside, you’ve done your research. You’ve determined that your plastic surgeon is board certified and that he/she specializes in rhinoplasty. Plus, you’ve seen your fair share of before & after photos, an essential step to any cosmetic procedure. Viewing the results of other patients’ will help you determine the style of the board-certified plastic surgeon and what you do (and do not) want from the results of your procedure.
  • Schedule a consultation and “try on” your new look. That’s right, you can actually “try on” potential results with the help of the VECTRA 3-D imaging system. This innovative technology provides a comprehensive preview to help you and your surgeon determine the look and surgical approach that is right for you. The Wall Center is one of the only practices in Louisiana to offer this exciting technology to patients.

Whether you’ve checked off one or all of the above, we encourage you to meet with one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons to start developing the surgical plan that best fits your aesthetic goals.

A New Implant at The Wall Center
The new breast implant option, exclusively at our Shreveport practice

The IDEAL IMPLANT® is the first real innovation in breast implants in almost 30 years, and guess what? We’re the first practice in both Louisiana and Mississippi to offer this new option! Combining the feeling of silicone-gel with a saline filling, the IDEAL IMPLANT provides the best of both worlds for patients seeking saline implants while looking to minimize the risk of unwanted wrinkling and movement.

Be sure to visit our website to learn more about this revolutionary implant option, as well as the variety of others available at The Wall Center.

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