Liposuction and Fat Distribution: Fact vs. Fiction

There are a lot of differing opinions floating around about fat redistribution after liposuction. Our Louisiana patients often ask us whether or not liposuction causes the body to gain weight disproportionately in areas of the body that were not treated. This myth has been perpetuated by media coverage of a few inconclusive studies.

However, a new study by ASPS® member Eric Swanson published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery proves otherwise. His research followed 301 liposuction patients and showed no evidence of fat regrowth in treated areas or of fat redistribution in untreated areas. Additionally, he found that his patients’ body dimensions were not changed after surgery.

Our Surgeons’ Take: liposuction of the thighs or abdomen will not cause a “balloon effect” in your arms and back. With proper diet and exercise, your results should last for many years and your body proportions will remain balanced.

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