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If you’ve browsed our website at any point in the past few years, you’ll likely recognize Heather Marsh, one of our real patient models. Over the years, this all-American blonde stunner with a sweet, girl-next-door smile has blazed her own path of success, dipping her toe in the world of fitness modeling and finding success every step of the way. Unable to locate an adequate surgeon to perform her breast augmentation in her hometown of Monroe, Louisiana, Heather turned to The Wall Center to enhance her physique. We recently checked in with Heather to chat about her past surgeries and to learn what’s new.

Fitness Gurls magazine calls her one of the most inspiring women in fitness, and it’s easy to see why. At 27 years old, Heather has already lived enough for 2 people. In addition to being a successful fitness model and social media influencer, Heather is also a wife and mother of 1. Heather got her start as a trainer who began exploring the world of figure competitions after seeing Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. twice. Heather has undergone 2 breast augmentations — the first with saline implants, and the second with upgraded gummy bears. She’s absolutely thrilled with her results and said surgery didn’t slow her down too much in the gym. When asked about breast implants and their effect on her exercise routine, she said, “As a woman, I don’t work out my chest too much, so there really wasn’t a very long recovery period. In fact, I went out bra shopping the day after my first surgery.”

Heather Marsh in Kitchen

Heather Marsh in KitchenHeather Marsh in BikiniHeather Marsh at Whole FoodsHeather Marsh with StrollerHeather Marsh Personal TrainerHeather Marsh at Gym
Heather Marsh in Kitchen
Heather Marsh in Bikini
Heather Marsh at Whole Foods
Heather Marsh with Stroller
Heather Marsh Personal Trainer
Heather Marsh at Gym

Although The Wall Center is 2 hours away from her home in Monroe, Heather says the drive was worth it. “I did my research before surgery. There weren’t too many well-reviewed surgeons here in Monroe, and you don’t want to take a risk that big with your body.” In addition to her breast augmentations with Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., she’s also undergone otoplasty with Dr. Holly Wall to reduce the projection of her ears. She also makes the drive to undergo lip fillers at Jade MediSpa, simply because she knows and trusts the staff. “I love Dr. Wall because he’s never going to do a surgery just to get money out of you. If it’s not something he agrees with or isn’t comfortable doing, he’ll refer you to someone else. He covers every detail during your consultation, and is incredibly thorough.”

Heather regularly receives messages from fans asking about breast augmentation. Although she’s happy to talk about her own surgery, she tries not to give medical advice to other people. “Every person is different, and it’s so important to talk to your own doctor if you have a question.”

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