Natrelle INSPIRA™: The Next Generation of Implants

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

Here at The Wall Center, staying at the forefront of developments in aesthetic medicine is in our DNA. So when the FDA approved Allergan’s new Natrelle INSPIRA implants in February, we were eager to bring this option to our breast augmentation patients. We are the first to offer these remarkable breast implants in Louisiana, and are among only 53 practices in the country selected to introduce INSPIRA implants – the most advanced implants currently on the market. This is just one example of how we routinely lead the industry not just in Louisiana, but throughout the entire nation.

Natrelle INSPIRA implants use the same cohesive silicone gel filling preferred by plastic surgeons and their patients worldwide. This filling, which has been repeatedly proven durable and safe, provides results that look and feel very natural. But the higher fill ratio of Natrelle INSPIRA implants go a step beyond other implants, offering more options for breast shaping. This is especially good news for patients who’ve experienced volume loss after pregnancy or currently have older implants that are beginning to lose shape.

In addition to their standard cohesive filling, INSPIRA implants are available in a highly cohesive gel that holds its shape at any angle. This option is nearly gravity-defying, maintaining a voluminous look (and plenty of cleavage) even when you’re standing upright or lying on your side. Implants with this type of highly cohesive filling also hold their shape if they’re ever damaged.

Our adoption of Natrelle INSPIRA represents an exciting time for Louisiana breast augmentation patients. If you’re frustrated with diminished or inadequate breast volume and a “deflated” or droopy appearance after pregnancy or weight loss, Natrelle INSPIRA implants may be your ideal match. Since we offer just about every implant option available from Allergan and Mentor our surgeons will be able to help you select the perfect implant.

Schedule your consultation with us by calling 318-795-0801, and start planning your breast enhancement with one of the country’s premier destinations for aesthetic medicine.

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