Study: Supplement Increases Botox Effectiveness by 93%

Joanna Poole, APRN - NP

A new study, performed in Houston at the Methodist Hospital showed that ingesting a certain supplement combination for 4 days prior to getting Botox would increase the Botox results by 93%.

Dr. Charles Soparkar, an oculoplastic surgeon, and his fellow researchers, proved that a combination of organic zinc plus the enzyme phytase increased Botox results by 93% when test subjects ingested the combination supplement for four days prior to injection.  Because of this research, a new supplement has been created. It’s coming on the market later this winter and is called ZYTAZE™. It will be available by prescription.

“Surprisingly, the results showed that in over 90% of the patients studied, the zinc/phytase combination resulted in a remarkable improved responsiveness to treatment of blepharospasm using the same amount of botulinum toxin as previously used,” said Soparkar. “The toxins seemed to have greater effect and last longer. Potentially, this could mean using less toxin, offering patients financial savings, greater safety, and more consistent results.”

If the prescription supplement is sensibly priced, it could create an overall savings for those of you who use Botox for wrinkle reduction, as less Botox will be needed to achieve the same results and your results will last longer. We at the Wall Center in Shreveport will keep you updated as we hear further news on this topic.

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