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If your cheeks are flat and lack definition, due to aging, weight loss or simple genetics, they can cause you to look older, deflated, and even a bit more masculine. There are various methods to contour the cheeks to add volume, giving the face natural-looking symmetry, youthful balance, and a more feminine appearance. Some methods are permanent, others are long lasting and some are temporary.  Additionally, some options will work better than others, depending on your unique facial structure and your specific needs.

Silicone cheek implants are ideal for many patients who desire more volume as opposed to a slight increase in the cheek area.  Implants will permanently add fullness and create a lifting effect. Keep in mind that silicone facial implants are tried-and-true devices with an excellent safety record, and have been FDA approved for years, as opposed to liquid silicone injections, which are not FDA-approved.  Another method of facial rejuvenation that enhances the cheek area is a volume-enhancing mid-face lift, which is extremely popular among our Louisiana plastic surgery patients. Using a small incision at the lower eyelid, a mid-face lift repositions the lower cheek fat and tissues back into a higher position on the cheekbone and face.  A mid-face lift does require a bit more downtime than cheek implants, but some patients may need the added lifting effect of the mid-face lift that cheek implants can’t give by themselves.  Many times, these procedures can actually be combined to provide a maximum effect of lifting and filling.

By injecting fat from another part of your body, like the hips or buttock region, we can give you fuller, plumper cheeks. Fat transfer is currently a popular option for long-term fullness, but using this method requires an additional lipo-like procedure to be performed. The added bonus? Removing fat from an area where you have too much!

Fillers are a good way of test-driving what your cheeks could look like with fat injections, a mid-face lift or cheek implants. Placing Sculptra Aesthetic or Radiesse in the upper area of the cheek adds fullness and can also lift the area below the cheek. Perlane, Juvederm and Artefill can also be used to achieve similar results, with each having its own characteristics and duration.  Some fillers work better in certain conditions and places on the face than others, and this is another reason it is very important to seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery—experience with using these products and performing these surgeries cannot be overstated!

By lifting your cheeks with one of these methods, your other facial features are subtly lifted, too—like the corners of your mouth and your jawline—which gives a nice contour.

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