Vaginal Rejuvenation: Let’s Talk About ThermiVa®

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Vaginal rejuvenation probably isn’t a “go-to” conversation with your girlfriends — but even though Shreveport women may not be talking about it, more and more of them want to look more toned and feel more confident about their “lady parts.” We’re very excited to offer a new medical spa treatment designed to do just that: ThermiVa, a nonsurgical alternative to labiaplasty.

Let’s talk details.

What exactly does it do? For the vaginal or vulvar changes that occur naturally after childbirth, or simply as a consequence of aging, ThermiVa can help improve tone, texture, moisture, and sensation. Does laughing make “tears” run down your leg? ThermiVa can help treat mild to moderate urinary incontinence, too.

Will it hurt? Not at all. No anesthesia is necessary, and patients say there is merely a sensation of warmth during the treatment. Your practitioner will use a gentle wand to target the tissue, which may include your labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, or the inside of your vagina. With the help of temperature-controlled thermal energy, the tissue is improved and tightened by encouraging the production of new collagen.

What about sex? Will it make a difference? Yes. Perhaps the most exciting improvement we hear about is what it can add back into the bedroom for both you and your partner — the “ThermiVa-va-voom” as we like to call it. With an increase in sensitivity and sensation, patients report improvements in both their sexual wellbeing and confidence.

How many treatments? Are the effects permanent? Most patients require a series of 3 treatments, spaced a few weeks apart. Each lasts only about 30 minutes and requires no downtime. You’ll notice a change immediately after the treatment, which will continue to improve over the months that follow. After 2 weeks, for example, you’ll notice a softer texture and a tighter feel. After 3 months, you’ll experience the full results, including improved lubrication and diminished urinary incontinence.

Unfortunately, with time (and gravity), the effects of ThermiVa will gradually be undone. We recommend annual treatments to maintain your results. Trust us: You won’t think twice about ongoing treatments.

If you’re interested in how ThermiVa can make a difference in your feminine wellness, call our office at (318) 213-1772 or request a consultation online. In the meantime, we encourage you to view our ThermiVa before-and-after photos to see the physical changes for yourself.

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