What Sets Our Breast Enhancement Procedures Apart?

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Year after year, breast augmentation continues to top the list of the nation’s most popular aesthetic procedures. And every day at The Wall Center, my colleagues and I see a diverse array of patients who have the same goal: to enhance their breasts and discover their own personal best. Our approach to breast enhancement goes quite a bit further than just enlarging a patient’s breasts. Many of our patients are happy to learn that improving shape, position, and proportion of the breasts is not just possible, but an integral part of how we approach every patient. For example, when we perform a breast augmentation at our Shreveport office, we complement and refine the results of breast enhancement by paying attention to the details. Here in Louisiana, you may think of this as “lagniappe.” At The Wall Center, we call it “standard procedure.”

The main reason for our comprehensive approach is simple: The results are better. Working not just on the breasts, but around the breasts, allows for more attractive features — similar to a beautiful frame around a painting. For example, creating a beautiful side boob instead of leaving a thick area of bra fat, sculpting a sleek look at the top of the breast instead of leaving fat that shows when wearing a strapless top, or creating a smooth back and side silhouette so there are no bra bulges.

To create the results our patients deserve, we often recommend blending procedures into one surgery, whether it be to treat multiple areas of the body or to enhance the results of a specific procedure. It’s the ancillary procedures we perform coupled with the attention to detail that creates the visually distinctive results our patients love. This approach comes with a number of exceptional benefits:

  • Cost efficiency: By undergoing multiple procedures at the same time, rather than spacing them out as discrete surgeries, patients only pay a single set of surgical fees.
  • Reduced recuperation time: In the same vein, undergoing one multi-step surgery saves time in the long run. For example, a patient who has breast augmentation along with selective liposuction of the chest needs to only schedule a single consultation, a single sequence of pre-op planning, a single surgery, and a single recuperation period. As you can imagine, this approach is popular with people with full-time jobs or those who simply don’t have a lot of time to devote to elective surgery.
  • Cohesive, beautiful results: Our philosophy has always been to focus on the whole patient rather than just on a discreet body part. Combining procedures gives us the freedom to sculpt and shape surrounding areas of the body, blending the results and creating a completely cohesive result that looks natural and, frankly, outstanding.

I talked more about the concept of combining procedures in a previous blog post.

Each patient is different, and every woman comes to us with her own set of concerns that developed over a unique timeline. When we consult with a new patient, we emphasize that there is no formulaic solution to create universally ideal results. Instead, we take the time to listen and develop a workable solution for each individual. Popular complements to breast augmentation include the following:

  • Short-scar breast lift, to raise the breasts to a perkier position without a significantly visible scar
  • SAFELipo of “bra bulge” or the armpit area (to reduce visible bulging in strapless tops)
  • Internal nipple lift to correct minor nipple asymmetry
  • SAFELipo of the abdomen or tummy tuck
  • Brazilian butt lift (BBL) with SAFELipo
  • Nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa®
  • Facial rejuvenation, including Fraxel® and HydraFacial®

When multiple procedures are planned and executed for a comprehensive transformation, patients can look forward to beautiful change with long-lasting results.

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