Are Teen Plastic Surgeries on the Upswing?

Here in Shreveport, we perform plastic surgery on teens, although the procedures focus on procedures to adjust physical features that are appropriate for a teenager, such as a rhinoplasty to reduce and remodel a large nose; otoplasty (ear) surgery for teens with ears that are protuberant (although otoplasties are performed on children as young as 4 years old); breast reductions for girls with overly large breasts that cause discomfort and/or embarrassment; and male breast reduction for boys whose breast tissue is larger than appropriate (gynecomastia). We rarely see teenaged girls who want a breast augmentation, for example, unless the breasts are obviously unequal in size (asymmetric), to the point that wearing a swimsuit is embarrassing.

However, the media seems bent on telling us that cosmetic surgery is on the upswing for teens. This isn’t proven, at least according to a study done by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, of which all three board certified plastic surgeons at The Wall Center are members.

According to the 2010 statistics on cosmetic surgery, teens primarily undergo the following procedures (which includes both surgical and non-surgical):

  • Laser hair removal (51,000 procedures last year)
  • Skin treatments (including 16,200 chemical peels and 10,400 microdermabrasion treatments)
  • Ear surgery (10,700 procedures)
  • Nose jobs (9,100 procedures)

In fact, the ASAPS reports that the number of cosmetic procedures for patients age 18 and under, which were numbered at 300,000 a decade ago, tallied only 125,000 last year. How much of that is due to the economic downturn in 2010 versus another reason is anyone’s guess. That research hasn’t been done.

What do you think about teens having cosmetic surgery? Does anything go or should parents put a restriction on what should be done before their child reaches the age of 20? We’re interested in hearing what you have to say!

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