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Drs. Holly and Simeon Wall Jr. goofing around arm wrestling

Does Your Plastic Surgeon’s Gender Matter?

On the surface, it might seem like a silly question. But a recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal aimed to determine whether male or female plastic surgeons have an edge, especially when serving a patient base that's primarily female. Here at The Wall Center, our dynamic duo of Drs. Holly and Simeon Wall Jr. would definitely have …

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Do you have a famous nose?

Although it's uncommon, we occasionally have patients request that the results of their procedure make them look like any number of different celebrities. And the nose is no different. Because it’s right in the middle of your face, even a small adjustment to a person’s nose can make a big difference in their general appearance …

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Our Patients – The Cornerstone of Our Practice

Anyone who has ever visited The Wall Center can attest that our plastic surgeons in Louisiana do things a little differently. Our leading-edge surgical techniques and our family approach to patient care have helped us build a strong practice and a loyal following. Because we continue to grow without relying on marketing, our focus can …

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Are Teen Plastic Surgeries on the Upswing?

Here in Shreveport, we perform plastic surgery on teens, although the procedures focus on procedures to adjust physical features that are appropriate for a teenager, such as a rhinoplasty to reduce and remodel a large nose; otoplasty (ear) surgery for teens with ears that are protuberant (although otoplasties are performed on children as young as …

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