Do you have a famous nose?

Although it’s uncommon, we occasionally have patients request that the results of their procedure make them look like any number of different celebrities. And the nose is no different. Because it’s right in the middle of your face, even a small adjustment to a person’s nose can make a big difference in their general appearance and transform their look. Here at the Wall Center for Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, Louisiana, the nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of our specialties.

So if you’ve been considering a nose job, or maybe you’re just curious, here are the 14 different types of noses: (we didn’t make up these names)

1)      The Fleshy, seen here on Prince Philip. It’s the most common kind of nose.

The Fleshy

2)      The Lenin, seen here on Samuel L. Jackson. Named after the Russian communist revolutionary.

The Lenin

3)      The Aquailine, seen here on Uma Thurman.


4)      The Snub, seen on this gentleman here in the red shirt.

Red Shirt guy

5)      The Celestial, named after stars maybe because it points up. We’re not sure, but it’s a popular nose.


6)      The Redknapp, named after Harry Redknapp. You know you’ve made it when people name your nose.


7)      The Rumpole, which is fairly rare, and definitely distinguished.


8)      The Hawk, seen here on Adrien Brody. Not too popular – a lot of people with this type of nose have sought our services. But it’s not bad on him.


9)      The Mirren, named after the person seen below.


10)   The Roman, seen here on Woody Harrelson. Named after… the romans.


11)   The Nixon, an infamous nose.


12)   The Tara, seen here on Owen Wilson. It should really be renamed the Wilson, at this point.


13)   The Greek, named after the people who brought us Plato, Aristotle, and Alexander the Great, all of whom presumably had this nose.

greek nose

14)   The Duchess, seen here on Kate Middleton. Plenty of people are paying to have a nose that looks like this.


There you have it. Which nose do you have?

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