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3 exciting new medical spa treatments for Shreveport patients at Jade MediSpa

New at Jade MediSpa: Treatments for Your Most Confident You

There is nothing better than offering a new medical spa treatment for our Shreveport patients — that is, except for offering multiple new treatments! That's right: We're thrilled to announce not 1, not 2, but 3 new rejuvenating options at Jade MediSpa! We've developed a reputation for impeccable results achieved from treatments at the forefront …

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Know Anyone Who Asked for Botox® This Holiday Season?

If you believe what they report on ABC’s website, one of the "hottest" gifts requested this past Christmas season wasn’t jewelry. It wasn’t a cruise. It wasn't a new car. It was cosmetic surgery, which for this blog’s purposes, includes items like Botox® Cosmetic injections, fillers and other goodies that make us more youthful looking, …

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The Terrors of Tanning

Sun damage is a common occurrence, especially during the summer months. Even if we do make an effort to apply SPF 30, or more, every time we venture to the park, beach, or pool, we are still risking damage after so many hours going by. However, sun damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin …

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Say No To IV Skin Whitening

While most of our culture is obsessed with being tan, and even risk skin cancer to get their nice bronze skin, there are also those that wish to lighten their skin. Perhaps you suffer from uneven skin tone or areas of skin discoloration and wish to know your options.  In Louisiana, The Wall Center does …

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Lindsay Lohan featuring her lips

How to avoid trout pout

Between court appearances and rehab Lindsay Lohan apparently found time to visit a plastic surgeon to plump her lips to unnatural proportions.  Freaky Friday, indeed!  Check out Lindsay’s trout pout in 2009. We here at our Louisiana plastic surgery practice, believe strongly that lip augmentation should look beautiful and natural—not a trout pout like Lindsay Lohan’s …

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Smoking linked to Adult Acne, Study Says

Just in case you need one more reason to quit smoking, did you know that smoking increases the potential to develop acne in adulthood? According to research published in the November issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, a specific type of acne in adult women is tied directly to smoking. Dr. …

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