Know Anyone Who Asked for Botox® This Holiday Season?

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If you believe what they report on ABC’s website, one of the “hottest” gifts requested this past Christmas season wasn’t jewelry. It wasn’t a cruise. It wasn’t a new car. It was cosmetic surgery, which for this blog’s purposes, includes items like Botox® Cosmetic injections, fillers and other goodies that make us more youthful looking, as well as surgical procedures.

In all the years we’ve been plastic surgeons in Shreveport, I can tell you that many people have enjoyed the services we provide here; however, I cannot honestly recall anybody asking for a gift certificate for a breast augmentation or a nose job!

So you tell me–are Louisiana residents just more practical about cosmetic surgery or has this trend just not come far enough East from LA?

To your health and beauty,

Drs. Wall: Dr. Simeon Wall, Sr.; Dr. Holly Casey Wall and Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr.

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