Introducing: 2 Treatments You’ve Been Waiting For

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When it comes to exciting medical spa treatments, our team has a knack for finding the “latest and greatest” for Shreveport patients. So, what’s new at Jade MediSpa?

Introducing… Emvera Diolux

It’s a breakthrough laser hair removal treatment, providing safe, pain-free, and permanent hair reduction. Plus, it works on all skin types!

Why we love it: Like we said, it’s virtually pain free and lightning fast – we’re talking both arms in less than 3 minutes.

Number of treatments: We generally recommend 6 treatments, because we want to make sure to get hair at all points in the growth cycle.

The cost: Prices vary depending on the area treated and the number of treatments purchased. Each treatment falls in the range of approximately $75 to 500 per single treatment area.

The results: They speak for themselves. Whether you are concerned about hair on your back, legs, underarms, or upper-arms, Diolux dramatically reduces it.

Laser Hair Removal Shreveport

Before-and-after photos provided by Emvera Technologies, LLC.

Introducing… Emvera Aesthelite

It’s an innovative photofacial technology, perfect for treating hyperpigmentation, vascular anomalies, and acne.

Why we love it: Unlike other IPL treatments, Aesthelite eliminates pain by spacing out the energy delivered over time. This helps protect the epidermis from burning and avoids other skin complications. And there’s no need for numbing cream pre-treatment, either. It’s that comfortable.

Number of treatments: This depends on the type of treatment and the severity of the condition. Typically, if it is vascular in nature, only 1 treatment is required. For a session focused on overall skin health, treatment of acne, or sun damage, multiple treatments are more likely. We’ll help you determine the number of treatments to get your skin where you want it to be.

The cost: $25-$500, depending on the area treated.

The results: The before-and-afters we’ve seen already are incredible! From improvement of fine lines to acne, patients are raving about the improvements.

Emvera Aesthelite, a new medical spa treatment at The Wall Center in Shreveport, LA

Emvera Aesthelite, a new medical spa treatment at The Wall Center in Shreveport, LA

Before-and-after photos provided by Emvera Technologies, LLC.

Want to learn even more about our exciting new treatments? Whether it’s laser hair removal or IPL, Request a consultation or call our Shreveport office at (318) 678-5571 to get started on your treatment plan!

4 Responses to Introducing: 2 Treatments You’ve Been Waiting For

  • Kim Rich says:

    Does the Aesthelite treat scars? My 15 year old has a scar on her face that we have considered treating.

    • Staff at The Wall Center says:

      Thank you so much for inquiring about our services to help your daughter look and feel her best! While the Aesthelite treatment addresses a number of issues, we would recommend Fraxel for the treatment of scars. Significant improvement is normally seen in 1-2 treatments.

  • Deborah Harmon says:

    Does the emvera treat rosacea and hair at the same time or do you have to use separate attachments? I need both.

    • Melinda Deas says:

      Hi Deborah. The Emvera that treats rosacea is a different machine than the Emvera that treats hair removal. Depending on areas treated, you can possibly treat both the rosacea and hair removal at same appointment. Thank you for your question!

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