Have You Heard of ‘Composite’ Breast Augmentation?

Three women on a a dock in bikinis considering composite breast augmentation

One of the trending topics for 2020 in plastic surgery is combining fat grafting with smaller breast implants—a technique that’s called composite, or hybrid, breast augmentation. Combining implants with fat transfer creates a natural look and feel that appeals to breast augmentation patients from around the region, including Texarkana, TX, and Shreveport, LA.

At The Wall Center, we produce remarkable results using fat transfer during breast augmentation—and breast implant revision procedures—by using a technique called Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL). EVL is an innovative fat grafting technique invented by Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. that effectively increases the amount of fat that can be added successfully to the treatment site.

Fat grafting is a technique that takes fat from an area of the patient’s body where it’s unwanted and transfers it to enhance another area, such as the breasts. Fat grafting is also used as part of a Brazilian butt lift and for facial rejuvenation. The increasing popularity of using a patient’s fat for breast augmentation—either with or without implants—is part of a broader trend toward breast enhancement results that look more natural.

EVL vs. Traditional Fat Grafting

Expansion Vibration Lipofilling technique is a power‐assisted, unique technique that our surgeons believe enhances the results of fat grafting procedures and allows them to graft higher amounts in a single sitting without sacrificing the amount of augmentation achieved. Traditional fat grafting procedures limit how much fat can be placed in one surgery because it tends to go where it’s not needed, and the body also absorbs it.

With the EVL technique, we can at least double the amount of fat that “takes” or remains viable after one surgery. Traditional fat grafting techniques can require multiple sessions to get the desired results. We use specialized cannulas that expand the treatment area immediately before injecting the fat. Additionally, the EVL technique involves rapid vibration movements that spread the fat more evenly and smoothly.

Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. recently highlighted his expertise using the EVL technique at the prestigious 2020 Baker Gordon Symposium in early February, where he performed live surgery in front of some of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Wall’s research paper on EVL was named the Best U.S. Paper for 2018 by the most respected plastic surgery journal in the world. Other plastic surgeons, such as “Dr. Miami,” are starting to adopt the EVL technique, but Dr. Wall has more experience using the technique than any other surgeon in the world.

Benefits of Composite Breast Augmentation

There are several ways women can benefit from using their own fat for cosmetic breast surgery, either with or without implants. This technique can:

  • Soften the edges of implants to create a more natural look and feel
  • Contour areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs by using liposuction to remove unwanted fat
  • Create a smoother transition between the breasts and avoid the artificial “separated breasts” appearance with careful fat grafting between the sternum and implant on both sides
  • Enhance breast size without the use of implants

It’s important to know that fat transfer breast augmentation without implants can generally only increase the size of breasts by about 1 or 2 bra cup sizes. It’s an excellent option for women who want a modest enhancement.

Breast Revision With EVL

The Wall Center specializes in revision breast augmentation procedures, which can present challenges to less-experienced plastic surgeons. Patients who need breast implant exchange surgery often have thinner breast tissue than women undergoing primary augmentation. New implants can be too visible and too easily felt because of this. Using EVL to graft fat during these procedures—along with new, 5th generation breast implants—can create spectacular results for revision breast surgery patients.

If you’re curious about combining fat grafting with breast implants and want to learn more about this exciting technique, contact our practice using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (318) 795-0801 to schedule an appointment. You can also browse our gallery of before-and-after photos to get a sense of the kind of breast augmentation results we create at The Wall Center.

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