New Culprit May Cause Over Eating

Obesity is a major problem in today’s American population. In fact, two-thirds of adults and one-thirds of children and adolescents are considered overweight or obese. Even scarier, this is the first time in a century that the average U.S. lifespan may decrease. If America doesn’t get its weight in order, we are in for some serious trouble.

This isn’t to say that people aren’t trying to get healthy. Roughly twenty-five percent of men and forty-three percent of women go on a diet each year. However, only five to twenty percent accomplish losing weight and keep it off. Even then, some may require procedures such as liposuction, SAFELipoTM, or a tummy tuck to gain their ideal shape. Yet, your weight already needs to be in order before any of these procedures.

So why is dieting so difficult?

A new culprit is suspected in our desire to continuously eat. Although the stomach is usually blamed, it is believed that the brain has something to do with over-consumption. Despite all your determination to eat smaller amounts, or avoid certain foods altogether, your brain has other ideas. Say you push your plate away, that still contains a good amount of food, because you are full. Even though you may feel as if you’re about to burst, your brain may con you into finishing your meal. What’s more, say you’ve stopped eating fast food. Maybe you’ve gone a whole month without even a craving for it. However, seeing anyone eating said fast food, or simply catching a commercial, could cause your brain to throw out all your determination and cave. You could be eating a deliciously healthy meal, but your brain has the strength to win over everything else.

Where does this leave dieters?

Scientists hope to uncover a hormonal trigger or spot in the brain that drives our urge to eat. If they can, there is a chance that the trigger could be turned off. Unfortunately for now it is up to the dieter to keep at it. A great tip is to put only what you can eat on your plate. If there aren’t leftovers on your plate calling out to you, you are less likely to over eat. Try to avoid being around people while they are eating fast food, or a food you don’t want to eat. And above all, treat yourself from time to time.

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The Drs. Wall

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