Wall Center Gives Back: $10,000 for 3 Winning Charities

Wall Center Gives Back 2016

Shreveport, Louisiana is our home. It’s a place that has given a lot to us here at The Wall Center — and it’s our turn to give back. Our second annual charity giveaway is all about showing our appreciation for the people and organizations that actively work toward creating a better future in our community.

This time around, we’re awarding $10,000 to 3 local charities:

    • First prize: $5,000
    • Second prize: $3,500
    • Third prize: $1,500

It all comes down to your vote.

We received a lot of passionate nominations for local organizations. From those nominations, we’ve chosen 10 charities with an inspiring mission and a strong drive to advance their goals.

You can meet them at wallcenter.com/wallcentergivesback. Once you’re there, cast your vote for the charity you want to win. Voting is open now through November 20.

You may vote once per day — but you can also tell your friends and family to vote for your favorite charity. Remember that the top 3 will win our prize donations, so every vote counts. And no matter who wins, you’re helping to make Shreveport a better place by learning more about the organizations in our community.

Don’t forget to check back with us after voting has closed to see who the winners will be!

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