Our Patients – The Cornerstone of Our Practice

The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery

Anyone who has ever visited The Wall Center can attest that our plastic surgeons in Louisiana do things a little differently. Our leading-edge surgical techniques and our family approach to patient care have helped us build a strong practice and a loyal following. Because we continue to grow without relying on marketing, our focus can remain on doing what’s best for our patients. They are the reason we do what we do, and they include:

Long Time Patients – At The Wall Center, we have many “patients for life” who trust us to keep them looking good at every stage of life. It’s not uncommon for someone who starts with breast augmentation or nose surgery to continue coming back because she knows we care as much about her results as she does. As the first signs of aging appear, she comes to us for BOTOX and non-invasive treatments. After having children, she may opt for a mommy makeover, including SAFELipo, tummy tuck, and a breast lift. In middle age she comes to her trusted partners at The Wall Center for injectables and laser resurfacing. As she ages more, perhaps eyelid surgery, then a facelift, maybe more breast surgery or SAFELipo, and maintenance with fillers, BOTOX, resurfacing and so on. These patients love the continuity of care they get here, and to us, they’re like family.

Patient Referrals – At The Wall Center, we know that our patients are our best advertisements. They showcase our work to their friends and families, and tell them how well they were treated here. We consider patient referrals a great honor because they are proof of our patients’ satisfaction and happiness.

Physician Referrals – It’s not uncommon for physicians in other specialties to send patients our way for cosmetic surgery. Sometimes our fellow plastic surgeons refer unique or difficult cases to The Wall Center, particularly revision patients. We’re also a very popular choice among doctors who seek plastic surgery for themselves or a family member – a point of pride for us.

Celebrities – Many people would be surprised by the number of celebrities who come to The Wall Center for plastic surgery. After Katrina, Louisiana became a “hot spot” for filmmakers. While on location, several actors, directors, and their loved ones discovered The Wall Center, and it didn’t take long for us to become one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. But our surgeons are committed to preserving the privacy of every patient – celebrity or otherwise. Sorry, no name-dropping!

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