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Many joys accompany motherhood. Unfortunately, the toll it takes on the body is not one of them. After having her third child, Cathy started to seriously contemplate plastic surgery to help her regain the figure she had before childbirth. Her husband, Carlos, wasn't so sure. "At first, I didn't want her to have it done because, honestly, I didn't think she needed it and I was concerned about the risks. It was more of a personal thing for her."

But Cathy persisted. "She did her homework before she went through with the process," Carlos notes. Via the Internet, Cathy learned more about breast augmentation in Louisiana and she also started looking at doctors' credentials and experience. "It was hard to find the right doctor at first."she confides. "The first two I visited just didn't seem right. One really seemed to be in it for the money and the other knew what he wanted to do, but didn't pay much attention to what I wanted from the procedure."

Cathy, Actual Cosmetic Surgery PatientActual Patient

"Then, a friend told me about Dr. Wall so I decided to call the office. Since I live in Houston, I thought it would be a hassle, but the staff was wonderful and very responsive. When my husband and I drove to Shreveport to meet with Dr. Wall, I was very impressed. He was so concerned with me and what I wanted. Dr. Wall explained the procedure so well to me that I didn't have any questions after the consultation," Cathy remembers. Carlos felt better after talking to Dr. Wall as well: "His input on the procedure and the long-term effects, eased my mind. He was also clearly going to do what Cathy wanted to give her the look she desired."

Cathy decided to go ahead with the procedure with Dr. Wall as her surgeon. In the end, Cathy is happy with the decision to have cosmetic surgery. "I was even more satisfied by the results than I had originally thought possible. I would definitely do it all over again."Her husband is also happy with the results. "I think she's just more confident with her appearance now," he says. "She smiles a lot more perhaps - at least it seems that way. I'm glad she did it if only because of how happy it has made her."

Cathy agrees. "I feel better about the way I look and my self-esteem has soared. I feel comfortable in a bikini and it's nice to be able to wear spaghetti straps again. I definitely have no regrets."

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