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Luxury guest suites

Considering laser liposuction? SAFELipo a better alternative

We have seen a dramatic and, unfortunate, increase over the past few years in patients who come to us from all over the US after having been disfigured by laser liposuction procedures. In many instances, unqualified physicians performed these procedures. While liposuction has gained acceptance and popularity, not all treatments and providers are able to …

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Acetaminophen pills

FDA Warns about Acetaminophen in Prescription Drugs

The FDA has issued a warning this month about the presence (and danger) of acetaminophen in prescription pain drugs, such as Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab, Fioricet, and Roxicet, although nearly all prescription pain drugs contain some acetaminophen. The problem is, the labels on these drugs make it hard to identify how much acetaminophen is in them. …

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Joanna Poole, APRN - NP

Study: Supplement Increases Botox Effectiveness by 93%

A new study, performed in Houston at the Methodist Hospital showed that ingesting a certain supplement combination for 4 days prior to getting Botox would increase the Botox results by 93%. Dr. Charles Soparkar, an oculoplastic surgeon, and his fellow researchers, proved that a combination of organic zinc plus the enzyme phytase increased Botox results …

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Lindsay Lohan featuring her lips

How to avoid trout pout

Between court appearances and rehab Lindsay Lohan apparently found time to visit a plastic surgeon to plump her lips to unnatural proportions.  Freaky Friday, indeed!  Check out Lindsay’s trout pout in 2009. We here at our Louisiana plastic surgery practice, believe strongly that lip augmentation should look beautiful and natural—not a trout pout like Lindsay Lohan’s …

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