SAFELipo BBL™: An Innovative Option

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In addition to being my favorite form of liposuction, SAFELipo® is a terrific option for Brazilian butt lift, known as “BBL” for short. BBL uses a patient’s (autologous) fat, which is taken from another area of the patient’s body and then used to add soft volume and shape to the buttocks. This approach augments the buttocks without the use of implants and has the added benefit of reducing unwanted fat elsewhere on the patient’s body–typically the abdomen or thighs. Because this approach uses autologous fat, it’s typically very well-tolerated. Throughout my years as a plastic surgeon, I’ve learned what my Texarkana, Shreveport, and Monroe-area patients want. Using SAFELipo instead of a traditional liposuction can ensure a cohesive, blended result that looks natural but still has the ability to turn heads.

In recent years, buttock augmentation has seen a sharp rise in popularity. This is thanks, in part, to cultural shifts and celebrity inspiration (a certain “K” family comes to mind). As our beauty standards change, so do our approaches to aesthetic enhancement. When I developed my technique for blending SAFELipo with BBL, I had my patients’ aesthetic goals in mind. Rather than creating a wider bottom, my technique adds beautiful, round shapeliness that complements each patient’s existing and unique curves.

SAFELipo is my own patented liposuction technique, which I’ve refined over time. SAFELipo uses a 3-step process that ensures beautiful results:

  1. Separation: I use a special cannula to loosen fat and separate it from the surrounding tissues with minimal trauma to blood vessels and nerves.
  2. Fat Aspiration: Fat aspiration during SAFELipo uses a much smaller cannula than used during traditional liposuction.
  3. Fat Equalization: Finally, during the last step of treatment, I re-shape and smooth the existing fat for an even, attractive outcome.

During a BBL with SAFELipo, I first administer the SAFELipo procedure, saving the aspirated fat rather than discarding it. I process the fat in a special canister that I designed in conjunction with my colleague, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio. The canister method is gentler on fat, purifying it and making it suitable for grafting without damaging it. This is different than the traditional technique, which uses a centrifuge to purify fat.

A centrifuge spins fat at a high rate of speed, separating the fat cells from blood and other fluids. Although this is effective for purification, the use of a centrifuge can damage the cells and make them less suitable for grafting. My canister method purifies just as well and doesn’t harm the fat cells.

Once the fat is ready, I graft it to the buttocks, carefully layering it on to maximize projection and create a natural-looking silhouette. To assist during this phase, I use a technique called Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL). This power-assisted technique allows me to add a larger volume of fat to the buttocks than traditional techniques.

Recuperation after a BBL with SAFELipo is relatively comfortable. However, it’s still important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and listen to your body. You’ll need to keep weight off of your buttocks for a few weeks, sitting with a pillow under your thighs when necessary. You may also need to wear a compression garment to keep your buttocks supported as they heal. You can expect to return to work and other light daily activities after 2 weeks or so–and by keeping your weight relatively steady, you can enjoy your results for years.

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