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The Terrors of Tanning

Sun damage is a common occurrence, especially during the summer months. Even if we do make an effort to apply SPF 30, or more, every time we venture to the park, beach, or pool, we are still risking damage after so many hours going by. However, sun damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin …

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Normal Aging and Progeria Linked

A huge chunk of patients that come into our Louisiana plastic surgery practice are mainly seeking a way to combat the signs of aging, such as wrinkles springing up on their faces. Like many people all over the world, they’d at least like to keep their appearance youthful and beautiful, even if their cells on …

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Say No To IV Skin Whitening

While most of our culture is obsessed with being tan, and even risk skin cancer to get their nice bronze skin, there are also those that wish to lighten their skin. Perhaps you suffer from uneven skin tone or areas of skin discoloration and wish to know your options.  In Louisiana, The Wall Center does …

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Labiaplasty: What is it Good For?

Have you heard of labiaplasty? Not everybody has. The labia are the external folds of skin that surround the vulva, the skin that covers the clitoris and vaginal opening. Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure to make the labia—either the labia majora or labia minora (or both)—smaller, although sometimes it’s done to create labia where …

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Are Teen Plastic Surgeries on the Upswing?

Here in Shreveport, we perform plastic surgery on teens, although the procedures focus on procedures to adjust physical features that are appropriate for a teenager, such as a rhinoplasty to reduce and remodel a large nose; otoplasty (ear) surgery for teens with ears that are protuberant (although otoplasties are performed on children as young as …

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The Answer to Flat Cheeks

If your cheeks are flat and lack definition, due to aging, weight loss or simple genetics, they can cause you to look older, deflated, and even a bit more masculine. There are various methods to contour the cheeks to add volume, giving the face natural-looking symmetry, youthful balance, and a more feminine appearance. Some methods …

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Do you know your Breast Implant Warranties?

Here’s good news for those of you with breast implants. Unlike those who receive hip or knee implants, patients who have breast implants receive warranties that can be put into play if they need replaced. Although the implant companies, Allergan and Mentor Corp., which combined sell about 99% of the breast implants in the US, don’t …

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Considering laser liposuction? SAFELipo a better alternative

We have seen a dramatic and, unfortunate, increase over the past few years in patients who come to us from all over the US after having been disfigured by laser liposuction procedures. In many instances, unqualified physicians performed these procedures. While liposuction has gained acceptance and popularity, not all treatments and providers are able to …

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FDA Warns about Acetaminophen in Prescription Drugs

The FDA has issued a warning this month about the presence (and danger) of acetaminophen in prescription pain drugs, such as Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab, Fioricet, and Roxicet, although nearly all prescription pain drugs contain some acetaminophen. The problem is, the labels on these drugs make it hard to identify how much acetaminophen is in them. …

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